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Monday, December 22, 2008

that will learn them

over a year and a half ago obama introduced a resolution condemning mugabe's actions in zimbabwe. awol did nothing. now the bush junta is calling for mugabe to resign; it cites a failed economy and the government's penchant for torturing and extraordinary rendition as the reason.

i wonder why incurious george has the sudden interest now? is it because voice of america reports:
Mr. Mugabe said he had taken control of agriculture by seizing nearly all white-owned farms, and that it is now time to take over all foreign companies, in particular foreign-owned banks.

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The "foreign-owned banks" that were just given billions of OUR dollars???
Hmmmm,...I also wonder .
And,... did anyone else besides me hear the sound clip of Mr. Mugabe stating categorically that, "Zimbabwe is Mine, and I am Zimbabwe..."

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