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Thursday, December 25, 2008

skippy's christmas music club - bonus trax

the drifters - i'm dreaming of a white christmas
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Counting the penis girl, I haven't been able to get any of the videos to run right up to this one...is it just me???
Weirdness...now I get "Sorry, this video is no longer available"...when I try to view them here...but shut this browser window down, open a new one actually logged on to youtube and I can watch them.... and same thing regardless of what browser I use...
I.E.Exp, Seamonkey, Mozilla...no difference...
And yes...the Penis girl is NOT worth listening to...I couldn't and I will even listen to a guy pounding rocks together...but not her...
All this other stuff you guys found...treasure of differing types...
Thanks again Skippy, and Jill...the spouse wants me to tell you that if you decide on our spare couch we could maybe up the ante a bit with some clean blankets and sheets too... :)

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