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Friday, December 26, 2008

obama the golfing president elect

like my golf pro father always said, you can tell alot about a person by their relationship with golf. and, golf.com apparently agrees.
golf.com has performed an important service. it has posted five photographs, taken by apphotographer gerald herbert, that shows president-elect barack obama on vacation in hawaii playing golf. this is invaluable as we all know that nothing, not even a cnn special called "obama revealed," reveals the soul as ruthlessly and efficiently as how one plays the old scottish game. - golf.com

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Well, I want to know about his relationship with mushrooms, garlic, good pasta, garlic, scallops, ginger, rosemary, and garlic. And some more mushrooms. Because if you don't know how a man relates to food that repels vampires and mycophobes, you don't really know anything about him, right?

Why don't they just consult chicken entrails or do Tarot readings and be done with it?
commented by Blogger D., 2:58 PM PST  
Woow, the right-wingers were correct! He's obviously a leftist.
commented by Blogger Scott1960, 5:43 PM PST  
"consult chicken entrails"...heheheh I liked that ....very snarky.
I dunno,... there is I think something to the claim about the soul of the person being revealed by the way they approach and relate to this incredibly stupid game..(trust the Scotts)...
I worked (years ago) on a golf course on a now defunct Air Force Base... (I was a junior greenskeeper)
Basically I walked around all day long flooding greens and watering fairways... I got the lifelong aversion to this game doing that job..I watched everyone from Generals on down to Second Looey's take thousands of dollars of golf equipment and destroy it because the damn ball did not go where they just Knew it would and because they were wanting it (presumabably) it should.
Take responsibility for being shit at the game??? NEVER.
Attempt to learn to do better??? NEVER...
Now understand, that was back during the time immediately following the Vietnam Games..those very same "Officers of Men" went on to become Bankers, Stockbrokers, Board Members...etc....
Has anybody seen Obama break or throw a club due to a shittyly executed shot???
Has Anybody witnessed a temper tantrum from this man in public at all???
I bet the answer is "NO".
Oh yeah, that base golf course I worked on...it was ONLY for Officers...no enlisted men.
I saw enough of the game to convince me that I would never be able to master myself enough to play the game...
So, yeah...soul does come out doing it..And if your underwear are covered in crap when that happens, everybody will know.

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