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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

environmental news stories

that you might have missed.

honey laundering: antibiotic use could taint reputation as a miracle drug. when a contagious bacterial epidemic raced through hundreds of thousands of chinese hives, chinese beekeepers had two choices: they could destroy infected hives or apply antibiotics. they chose to do the latter. - seattle pi

veterans are kept in the dark. the defense department owns 133 epa superfund sites, the most of any entity. however, it does not notify veterans of military superfund sites of contaminants and the health effects of exposure to them. - salem news

epa called a 'negative factor' in bay cleanup. chesapeake bay's iconic blue crabs face suffocation, hunger and cannibalism--as dead zones continue to expand across the estuary. the chesapeake bay foundation claims the epa has been a negative factor by not enforcing the clean water act properly. - wapo

arctic's untapped riches prompt fears of land grab. long frozen both politically and geographically, the Arctic is rapidly thawing into another slippery terrain on which Europe's twin desires to both preserve a planet in peril and secure a share of its dwindling resources are now playing out. - financial times deutschland

montana’s got wind, needs power lines. gov. brian schweitzer envisions a day when new yorkers will be driving cars powered by the wind that howls across the montana prairie. he recently called on the federal government to spend $15 billion to build a next-generation transmission grid to link such far-flung regions. - christian science monitor

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My kid was doing a cleanup on an army post -- he was wearing a hazmat suit because he was paranoid, when lo! he found discarded medical materials including sharps and blood. At that point everyone was sent off the site until suited people could continue. But let me tell you, the military just doesn't care until someone calls them to account.
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