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Sunday, December 28, 2008

can cookies get this kid to the inauguration?

never underestimate the power of the cookie.
adam feingold is rolling in dough. cookie dough, that is.

the 15-year-old sandburg high school freshman is hawking tubs of cookie dough to raise money for next month's trip to washington, d.c.

he and the entire 160-member marching eagles band will perform at president-elect barack obama's inaugural parade.

each member is responsible for raising $598 for the trip.

so far, adam, who plays the clarinet but can also play the trumpet and tenor saxophone, has raised about $150.

not bad, considering he's also been cramming for finals. and he's not just selling the dough. he's actually baking it.

...tubs of cookie dough cost $14.50, and they come in about a dozen different varieties.

to buy a tub from adam or to make a donation in his name, contact carl sandburg highschool at (708) 671-3100 - southtownstar.com

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