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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

best of the worst

crooks&liars has a poll going: who's the biggest wingnut of 2008?

and kevin drum @ mojo has a contest running, asking you to send in your own home-made videos that say "goodbye" to awol.

but seriously, kevin, you say awol is a "serious contender" for worst president ever...who else is even close?
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Its an interesting question Skippy...I would nominate my distant cousin Franklin Pierce who was apparently allowed to become President simply he was the "least objectionable" to the two parties Democrats and Whigs...He was a poor manager and a terrible drunk and in fact drank himself to death after serving only one term...
But these types of questions are also subject to personal perspective and I imagine that my People would say it was somebody like Monroe with his "Manifest Destiny" or worse Jackson who put manifest destiny into practice and created the "Trail of Tears"...
But Worse than Lil'George????

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