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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

the bernie madoff "s- - t"

has hit the farm.
a hedge fund investor who poured millions into saratoga's equine economy has abruptly stopped all new construction on his huge horse farm and wants to sell his thoroughbreds after losing some $7.5 billion in the bernard madoff scandal. - times union
yes...that's a "b" after $7.5.

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Serves the little shit right.
commented by Blogger Carl, 3:59 PM PST  
I agree Carl...
What really boils my butt about this entire mess (and it's indicative of this entire financial crisis) is these are the guys who SHOULD KNOW BETTER!

Look, tell me the market collapsed because people like us bought tech stocks in a bubble, or tulip bulbs or Beanie Babies. I can live with that. What PT Barnum said and all. Caveat Emptor

But these are the guys with PhDs and MBAs being duped and hornswoggled by other guys with PhDs and MBAs! These are the folks we're supposed to be trusting with our money to do the right thing and at the very minimum, not lose it!

Bailout the banks, sure, but make goddamn sure that bailout protects the depositors first, not the executives. And if some poor soul has to sell his poloponies to make good to HIS investors, well, I hear Alpo still uses horsemeat in their dog food.

Anyone want a bite of Genuine Risk? Naiiiiigh!
commented by Blogger Carl, 6:10 AM PST  
My paranoia is that as you say, "these are guys who are supposed to know better"... and I think that they absolutely DID..and took those actions anyway because Hank Paulson assured them that they would be covered...
And they were..
And NOW the Republican Cartel has decided that they will be "fiscally conservative" ..NOW... after they are being told to get the hell out by the country NOW they will stop any further bailouts, loans , whatever and for them its all good...they make Obama and followers look like they cannot do ANYTHING and at the same time have the old "We tried to tell you so" card laying face up on the table...
It will work to their favor no matter what...The public seems to have a short memory and this will absolutely get much worse before it gets better a little ,...so they just have to bide their time and keep blocking anything all, stall, and disrupt and in two years it WILL be the fault of the Democrats...
And the Damn Money will still be gone and the Bankers will still be richer and we will still foot the bill..
Jus Sayin..

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