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skippy the bush kangaroo

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

the obamas visit a chicago food bank

and help hand out food.
president-elect barack obama and his family spent an hour handing out chickens, potatoes, bread and other thanksgiving food to poor families on chicago's south side wednesday morning after obama introduced his latest economic advisors. then he shook hands with catholic grade school students ecstatic to see him.

..."at thanksgiving, it's important for us to remember people in need," obama said. "they told me the number of people coming here is up 33 percent from last year."

about 600 families got food, said kate maehr, executive director of the greater chicago food depository. that's up from 270 families last year, said the rev. matt eyerman.

this is the fourth year in a row obama has handed out food before thanksgiving. last year, he did it in new hampshire. - chicago sun times

could you see the elite bushies do this?

i hope that you remember those less fortunate this thanksgiving. find a food bank near you and donate some money, food or time volunteering. follow the president elect's lead.

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Just for the last four years...about the time he decided to run for president. Has he started feeding his relatives in the US yet?
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8:54 AM PST  
Dear Anonymous,
So, when was the last time YOU or G W Bush have helped those less fortunate than yourselves? When was the last time John McCain helped those in need? Oh, Yea, I remember, Cindy did all that great work with the drugs for the needy.
commented by Blogger Chuck, 9:06 AM PST  
Well Barbara Bush did go to insult the Katrina victims in the Astrodome....does that count?
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9:10 AM PST  
Let's see, I help those less fortunate than me by donating time and blood...how about you? I took in a family ofl hurricane refugees from the coast when I lived in Mississippi, I have had three foster children...how many have you had? Cindy McCain adopted a child that needed surgery; Obama won't even help his own family members living in poverty in the US and in Kenya. Obama is rich enough to pay for the school named after him but won't.
BTW, ask any Texan about the Katrina refugees; they really did have it better than they had it in New Orleans.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9:49 PM PST  
Anonymous of 9:49.
Thank you!
commented by Blogger Greybeard, 10:22 PM PST  
I'm confused.. Obama is supposed to buy a school because someone named it after him?

I know he made several Million dollars with his book sales but he's no Cindy McCain.

If only Obama had passed up a lucrative career in a prestigious law firm to do community work or something. That'd show his critics that he's a decent person.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 11:12 PM PST  
When Obama visited Kenya, they named a school after him and he promised to support it and he hasn't.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8:55 AM PST  

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