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Friday, November 28, 2008


as of now, around 125 people are confirmed dead, and more than 300 are injured. early reports said that foreigners -- britons and americans in particular, along with jews -- were targeted, but more than ninety percent of the victims are indians. wikipedia currently says that between fifty and sixty terrorists carried out the ten attacks, but one of the attacks may or may not be related to the other nine -- a taxi bomb went off in an area removed from the others. that could be a coincidental event, since india's endured several separate terrorist attacks this year alone. whatever the case, fifty to sixty people carrying out ten (or nine) coordinated attacks is a couple magnitudes higher than what the mere nineteen who carried out the 9/11 attacks accomplished in terms of organization and execution. it's just astonishing that a group that large managed to wreak as much destruction as it did before it was taken out.

barack obama's transition team has said that it will work with india and other nations to "root out and destroy" terrorist organizations. governments around the world have unequivocally condemned the attacks. as well they should be condemned, rooted out, and destroyed. the group claiming responsibility calls itself the deccan muhajedin. no one seems to know who they are, but i think it's safe to say that they're nothing more than criminals. one of these @$$#0!e$ allegedly shouted out, "are you aware how many people have been killed in kashmir? are you aware how your army has killed muslims?" -- "you" being the people of india. he had a point, granted. but when you resort to killing the same people you want to get the point that killing people is wrong across to, well, you can expect to be profoundly disappointed.

some are saying, "we are all indians now." i refuse to go down that path. the last time, it was "we are all americans now," and all that did was encourage our bush administration to rewrite the terms of national security, moral integrity, intestinal fortitude, and existence itself in a language only neo-cons, movement conservatives, and fake-christian fundamentalists could understand. and look where that landed us.

i'm appalled over what has happened in mumbai this week, just as i was appalled at what happened in my country seven autumns ago. but i am not the least bit more appalled than i am with what has been happening to muslims in kashmir at the hands of the indian government or the people of iraq at the hands of our government. murder is murder, i don't give a damn what you call it or how you rationalize it.

my 2 cents.

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well said
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 5:40 AM PST  
Jim Yeager,
you stupid liberal, this is clearly another example of extremist muslim elements penetrating and attempting to destroy normal societies across the world to further promote their fanatical interpretation of Islam. It is worse on many more magnitudes when compared to what has gone on to muslims in kashmir or america's involvment in Iraq. Our soldiers are fighting in Iraq to help the iraqi population sustain itself as a democracy by successfully combating the insurgency and are helping to develop infrastructure within that country. Of course, your political stance = republicans are evil, america is evil, we went to iraq for no legitimate reason, we enable terrorism across the world. The reason we have not been attacked in over 7 years is because of our hardline foreign policies. you simply cannot understand that however. In addition, the Kashmir situation has both sides equally to blame; there have been countless terrorist attacks on both sides in order to have control of that state. You obviously have no clue for how many hundreds of years muslims have been attacking hindus, their temples, and their lands. This attack simply shows another example of muslim intolerance to other religions. It is much worse than anything we have done in Iraq or what the Indian Army has done in Kashmir. Get your head out of your A$$ and get your facts straight.

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sindhi libertarian said...

Jim Yeager,

This hyar's why we need (dare I name it?) "Woody's Corollary" to "Poe's Law." Vide!
fuck, when they were saying "we're all indians now" i thought they might have meant us. . .


see ya later gator.
commented by Blogger The Minstrel Boy, 5:11 PM PST  
You do not know, but you lost all your rights to Kashmir from day one you dreamt it - because you started with use of force, if you can remember. Any you have killed enough innocent people for that after that and for various other imaginary purposes too, so your arguments for it are useless now. I am ready to die for India too now... thanks to you. So try never crossing my street again with your stupid logic. As far as I can see the muslim community is heavily well knitted and they have the opportunity to stop this trigger happy people among themselves. If they do not do that, they are allowing a world to go into flames in their name. And of course, one day the world will be hopelessly practical and ruthless on all sides and the innocence on the net will have to be kept for another day, when the world comes back to order.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 2:20 AM PST  
The recent terrorist attacks at the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai showed how difficult the fight against terrorism is for any government. Many questions are still unanswered about how a small group of well-trained foreign terrorists were able to kill so many people without help within India. India has been battling terrorism for a while on its soil. The largest bombings of recent months have been carried out by Indian Muslims who called themselves the Indian Mujahideen. As usual, when bad things happen, people have a tendency to blame their own government for “not doing enough” to prevent the tragedy. Time will tell if this spectacular attack was carried out without “cooperation” of the Indian Mujahideen. As the Mossi of Burkina Faso say, ” When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.”
Guy Blaise
commented by Anonymous Guy Blaise, 9:21 PM PST  
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