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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

fantasy football for foodies

who will be the "top chef" at the white house. will cristeta comerford stay or will she be told to pack her knives and go? will chicago cuisine reign supreme? insiders say it's too early to say...but it's never to early to speculate.
outside speculation has focused on the personal chef of denver nuggets star carmelo anthony, daniel young, who cooked for obama during the democratic national convention in denver...- the denver channel
i'm kinda liking the long shot chicago rising star chef "kendal duque"

we already know that the president elect enjoys chili, pie, hot sauce and arugula...but not beets.

a first family of foodies. their decision on the white house chef may cause some indigestion...but we'll just have to see. we'll have to wait for the playing of hail to the chief...i mean chef.

(wonder if obama would ever call the butterball hotline? 1-800-butterball)

p.s. say hello to obamafoodorama.

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