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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

behold the power of berube

michael berube has proof that his return to blogging single-bloggedly elected obama as president:

seriously: if you look at the polling history, you’ll see that according to the highly influential gwu/battleground poll, mccain was up by 2 points nationally just before i returned to blogging on september 29. the next gwu/battleground poll, taken right after the return of mister answer man, shows obama up by 8. qed, folks. the final gwu/battleground poll has obama up by 6, and he won by 6.5. remember, correlation is closely correlated to causation, and many people in washington have built entire careers on cherry-picking poll numbers like this.
and here we thought we got the credit.

addendum: be sure to check out berube's report on how the democratic concern trolls voice concern about the future of democratic concern trolling.
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and here we thought we got the credit

Success has many fathers, O skippy. And it smells really sweet, too.
commented by Blogger Michael Bérubé, 5:15 PM PST  
berube's right about that. plenty of credit to go around, and kudos to skippy!
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6:45 PM PST  
Success has many fathers, O skippy.

Gang bangs for all!
commented by Blogger Carl, 10:10 AM PST  

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