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Thursday, October 16, 2008

even nixon's plumbers were less dirty

remember john mcmuffin's newest bff, joe the plumber? turns out, he's also the bff of the charles keating family. wotasuprize!! martin eisenstadt:

turns out that joe wurzelbacher from the toledo event is a close relative of robert wurzelbacher of milford, ohio. who’s robert wurzelbacher? only charles keating’s son-in-law and the former senior vice president of american continental, the parent company of the infamous lincoln savings and loan. the now retired elder wurzelbacher is also a major contributor to republican causes giving well over $10,000 in the last few years.

does any of this make joe the plumber a bad guy? of course not. in fact, after that ill-fated night at the watergate, he may finally be giving plumbers a good name.
[ed. note: thanks for ruining our joke, martin!]

but at a debate where john goes full bore on obama for guilt-by-association with william ayers (and dodges a bullet by obama not mentioning keating five), the press is going to bring it back front and center by midday tomorrow once they delve deeper into the most popular plumber in america.
as they used to say in our neighborhood, smooth move exlax! way to remind everyone that you've been involved in major economic scandals in the decades.

addendum: johnathan martin sez the toledo blade is reporting that joe isn't licensed to be a plumber, and has a tax lien.

so apparently mcmuffin vetted his "regular joe" as well as he did his veep pick.

erratum: so sorry, apparently it was a different joe the plumber. we echo mr. sullivan's apologies for the original mistake.

but at least we got some memeorandum traffic from it!
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Yes, indeed, ANOTHER example of the competence of McCain and his crew. If he governs like he campaigns, well...
commented by Blogger GOPnot4me, 1:11 PM PDT  
Just for your OWN edification, it is NOT true that this guy is somehow related to THE Charles Keating of the Keating 5....better check your facts before you post rubbish and gossip. You'll look like one of the childhood "gossip game" participants.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 3:58 PM PDT  
and leaving anonymous comments certainly does not make one look like one of the childhood "gossip game" participants.
commented by Blogger skippy, 4:25 PM PDT  
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 7:25 PM PDT  
I have been seeing this ahole Skippy,...I keep encouraging it (him? / her?? ) to sign their work...guess it is too hard for the person to grasp...
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 12:05 AM PDT  
So who then is Martin Eisenstadt?
commented by Blogger saraht, 10:35 AM PDT  
and his name is "Sam" not Joe..too funny..

( I made him a blog..I could not help it,...he deserved one..)
commented by Blogger enigma4ever, 10:31 PM PDT  

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