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Thursday, October 16, 2008

breaking! gop hospitalized with a broken pelvis


in a sad turn of events for conservatives everywhere, the republican party has been hospitalized after breaking its pelvis several days ago.

the entire gop was admitted to george washington university hospital in washington, dc, this morning, after complaining about fractures, pain and the inability to actually move forward.

apparently the gop broke its pelvis several days ago, but with all the excitement about acorn and william ayers, didn't even notice it until today. some speculate the break happened when john mccain named sarah palin as his vice presidential pick. "there's no way a body can withstand that sort of stress, without something giving way," said william kristol.

the republican party is 154 years old, and therefore the prognosis is not good. complete breaks, let alone the multiple fractures and splinters that have been seen in the party for the past few months, can be devastating to an elderly organization.

"we don't think the gop will be back on its feet for a long, long time," doctors were quoted as saying. "decades, maybe."

"if we're lucky," they added.
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do not resuscitate.
Nice, skippy.
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