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Friday, September 26, 2008

walk like a man

some in blogtopia and yes, we coined that phrase, have some advice for the democrats:

back away democrats, back away...so walk away, and remind voters that things fell apart when mccain entered the picture. - the left coaster

the democrats need to just walk away from the table, now. they need to throw up their hands and say, “we’re done here. until you people can act like adults and negotiate in good faith, we’ve got no time for you. you have presented something to us as a grave national concern and made it into a political stunt. suit yourselves. we’re going on recess.” - i am trex
attn: democrats walk away. just let the whole shitpile collapse. it is not your fault. and honestly, i doubt doing anything will matter, anyway. the house republicans came out, and their play is clear: we will not use taxpayer money to bail out wall street. we want to protect the taxpayers.” in other words, they do not give a shit. walk away. just walk away. balloon juice
to which we would add, ditto!
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