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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

she's no sandra bullock


via balloon juice -- sarah palin lied yet again...about her beauty contest experience:

amy gwin, 43, of university city, grew up in alaska and competed in the miss wasilla, alaska, competition in 1984 against gop vice presidential choice sarah palin. gwin said friday that she won the miss congeniality award in the competition, although palin's wikipedia entry says she won the contest — and the miss congeniality award. gwin was a year behind palin, now 44, at wasilla high school, which had about 800 students. gwin said palin was "a high school star in a good way," a beauty who got good grades and excelled at athletics. gwin, who was president of her class, does not recall palin holding school office. the wikipedia entry on palin said she was head of the school's fellowship of christian athletes and captain of the basketball team.
so what does palin's high school bud think about the governor's new role?

gwin said she was not surprised when palin became the governor of alaska, but is astonished that she got the gop nod for vice president. asked whether she would support palin because she knows her, gwin said: "i wouldn't support her if she was my very best friend. i support obama and don't share any of her (palin's) politics. she's very shallow."
that's ok, so was the vetting process!

addendum: many of our commentors, as well as our buddy libby at the impolitic, points out that the "shallow" quote has been scrubbed from the stlouis post-dispatch piece. libby has screen shots of the cached original as well as the minty-fresh new version.
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That's not particularly congenial, stealing the thunder of someone else's reward, Sarah!
commented by Blogger Carl, 2:28 PM PDT  
They did not call her "Baracuda" cuz they loved her...

I personally think the Internet Vetting Process has been much more exciting....

thanks for this Skippy...
commented by Blogger enigma4ever, 6:12 PM PDT  
Hmm, this is curious. If you go to that same link now, they've removed the "shallow" portion of her remark. However, if you look further down on that page, in the comments people were discussing the "shallow" quote, proving that it did exist originally.
commented by Anonymous drewvsea, 10:55 PM PDT  
wow...that Tidy and Scum Lawfirm has been so busy Scrubbing the Internets..geeez....I was just there a few hours ago and it was there....
commented by Blogger enigma4ever, 10:59 PM PDT  
Yes, because Sarah Palin obviously wrote her own Wikipedia entry and therefore she must be lying about it.

Heaven forbid wikipedia is inaccurate. Show any proof that Palin or Palin's people said she was miss congeniality in that contest and you have something.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8:17 AM PDT  
The St Louis Today article has been 'cleansed' of reference to Palin not winning Miss Congeniality...
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8:39 AM PDT  
...cached version of the Wiki bio says she won the Wasilla Miss Congeniality award.

Retouched version says she won that award at the state-level beauty pagent...

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