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Saturday, September 27, 2008

our hearts are breaking today....

paul newman
january 26, 1925 - september 26, 2008

"paul had an abiding belief in the role that luck plays in one's life, and its randomness. he was quick to acknowledge the good fortune he had in his own life, beginning with being born in america, and was acutely aware of how unlucky so many others were. true to his character, he quietly devoted himself to helping offset this imbalance.

"an exceptional example is the legacy of newman's own. what started as something of a joke in the basement of his home, turned into a highly-respected, multi-million dollar a year food company. and true to form, he shared this good fortune by donating all the profits and royalties he earned to thousands of charities around the world, a total which now exceeds $250 million.
"while his philanthropic interests and donations were wide-ranging, he was especially committed to the thousands of children with life-threatening conditions served by the hole in the wall camps, which he helped start over 20 years ago. he saw the camps as places where kids could escape the fear, pain and isolation of their conditions, kick back, and raise a little hell. today, there are 11 camps around the world, with additional programs in africa and vietnam. through the camps, well over 135,000 children have had the chance to experience what childhood was meant to be.

"in paul's words: "i wanted to acknowledge luck; the chance and benevolence of it in my life, and the brutality of it in the lives of others, who might not be allowed the good fortune of a lifetime to correct it." -from a statement released by robert forrester, newman's own vice-president

bless you paul and your amazing heartfelt performances and generosity of spirit.


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It is very, very saddening.
commented by Blogger George, 9:19 AM PDT  
Well, I kind of figured it was a question of when. He'd been sick for a while. But it still sucks. I liked Paul Newman...
commented by Blogger Jim Yeager, 10:54 AM PDT  
An amazing, man who left an amazing legacy in film and philanthropical accomplishments. He will be so missed.
commented by Blogger HelenWheels, 11:42 AM PDT  
thank you for this really nice tribute...wow..I am still shocked...I know I should not be..and he was sick...but he was such a wonderful man..so inspiring...

great video too...
( I posted some too...but I have been watching them all day...)
commented by Blogger enigma4ever, 5:22 PM PDT  
before i became the freewayblogger I ran a charity called "Take to the Hills"(still up and running mind you - http://taketothehills.org

simple idea - fill your truck with warm clothes, then go find the coldest, poorest people you could and give them away. paul helped me and a hardy few others clothe pretty much the entire northwest sierra madres - about 7,000 people - in about three years.

hell of a guy. here's a quote from him:

"I'd like to be remembered as a guy who tried — tried to be part of his times, tried to help people communicate with one another, tried to find some decency in his own life, tried to extend himself as a human being. Someone who isn't complacent, who doesn't cop out."
commented by Blogger Freewayblogger, 10:58 PM PDT  

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