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Sunday, September 28, 2008


from the detroit free press :
The bailout plan that Congress has been crafting over the weekend is a result of bipartisan work that has incorporated safeguards for taxpayers and restrictions against profiteering by executives benefiting from the bailout.
we are about to buy crapped on toilet paper for $700 billion. how could the bill keep executives from profiteering?

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Okay...I am watching Judd Gregg and he is saying that the Golden Parachutes did not get banned- that they are restricted and will be taxed....WTF ? I thought that they were going to ban them...get rid of GIFTS for the idiots ???

and I read through it and I still am lost- is there really regulation in it , or any kind of monitoring ? AND who is in charge , because it still looks like Paulson has alot of power- more than he should...

I guess what bugs me most if they are already buying bed debt at firesale price-WHY is it so much ?

and I could not find really in that final document, where the homeowners are protected...( there is like one page on it..)

okay I am done grumbling...I guess we will see what happens next...
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( I goofed above- I meant to say that the Idiots on Wallstreet should not get parting gifts...)
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