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Sunday, September 28, 2008

hope the governor watched snl this week

only this time with the sound on....

oh, and sarah, thanks for the little invitation you sent me to "accept alaska's free travel guide and visit us soon." sure it was basically it was a postage-paid questionaire for www.triptoalaska.com, but it sure looked like it was coming from the govenor's office, including a picture and "signature" of you. i find the wording a little confusing though...
"alaska is different from every other destination in the world. every day offers an unforgettable memory: a mother moose and calf, glaciers and mountains, unique native cultures, our russian legacy and gold rush days."
russian legacy? russian? i thought you had your eyes on putin's head rising up and not in the marketing gig for the state's being part of the russian tribe.

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...maybe, now that she's on the national political scene (well....sort of), she's realized that seeing Vladdy zooming around over her head all the time is raising the threat that he wants to take the state back so he can reclaim all those Russian Orthodox churches around the state...
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Too funny:
"For me it's a wonderful place to be. After Perestroika there is a resurrection of religion in Russia and every church and every chapel there has an icon of St Herman of Alaska," says Alexander Vankov, a Russian pilgrim from St Petersburg.

Nuns and monks here follow the traditions of St Herman - living a life of prayer in this remote outpost with no electricity or running water.


Here more than two centuries ago locals embraced a church which protected them against the tyranny of the Russian fur traders.

"We were born not knowing that there was any other. We live in a remote, remote village and the only thing was Orthodox... and we've kept it," says 67-year-old Tania Chichenoff.

"I have eight children and 36 grandchildren and they've all been baptised Orthodox." "

Palin's vision for America?
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