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Monday, September 29, 2008

the end of the u.s. financial system as larry kudlow knows it

larry kudlow, writing at the corner (to which we link only to get the memeorandum traffic) knows where to squarely place the blame for the failure of the bail out plan -- those darn negros and mexicans:

as this scenario goes, the house democrats need 218 votes, and they have to pick up a number of black and hispanic house members who jumped ship because the wall street provisions, in their view, were too benign. so things like the bankruptcy judges setting mortgage terms and rates, the acorn slush-fund spending, the union proxy for corporate boards, stricter limits on executive compensation, and much larger equity ownership of selling banks through warrants will all find itself back in the new bill. of course, this scenario will lose more republican votes. but insiders tell me president bush will take secretary paulson’s advice and sign that kind of legislation.
you read that right. no white democrats (or, for that matter, white repubbblians) are concerned about slush-funds, judicial oversight or exec pay. it's those darned colored people.

even worse, it's not because any congressjerks voted the way their constituents told them to; it's because minorities demand entitlements, like equity ownership thru warrants, those shiftless ne'er-do-wells. larry goes on:

personally, if this scenario plays out, i would probably withdraw my support for the rescue mission and switch to plan b, which would center on the fdic and its bank-recapitalization powers. the bank-ownership issue, in particular, could lead to heavy nationalization of america’s financial system with a three-house democratic sweep in november.

i’m not forecasting, because i don’t know the next bill’s content. and while mccain’s polls are heading south, he could still win. but a three-house dem sweep to implement some off the very onerous provisions being talked about could set up the end of the u.s. financial system as we know it.
yes, the end of baseless speculation w/o consequence, the end of over-inflated ceo pay for under-performance, the end of main street propping up the party that wall street didn't invite everyone to.

poor larry. he'll have to get a real job.

addendum: we know we are picking a nit here (as opposed to kudlow, who would pick a ninny), but larry's got tense problems in his writings, too.

in the first paragraph quoted, after we take out the modifying phrases, larry tells us that "things...will all find itself" back in the bill. [emphasis, and snarky giggling, added.]

"all itself"? larry's identity issues are all itself problematic.
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how does this coke addict have a job??
commented by Blogger Distributorcap, 5:21 PM PDT  
Let the class war begin.

How about a "let them eat cake day" each week? We can share our favorite recipes.

(I know, I know- it was actually croissant).

I'm pulling out my collection of church cookbooks.

Maybe Saturdays- since cats own Fridays.

Spread the word- and the icing.

(Here's hoping that a barrage of subtle references to bloody revolution might encourage creative interaction among the people.
commented by Blogger glassfrequency, 5:51 PM PDT  
I found it interesting that the ten minute youtube describing the mess floating around the rightosphere mentions illegal immigration while bashing Ds, but doesn't mention that candidate McCain was seriously in hot water with the base Rs over comprehensive immigration reform. Strange times we're living in.
commented by Blogger Chap, 8:43 PM PDT  
I'm sure if Kudlow yells more, it'll make more sense to me.
commented by Blogger Batocchio, 10:03 AM PDT  

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