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Thursday, August 28, 2008

yes we klan

raw story picks up an interesting point which was first reported, strangely enough, by a fox affiliate about the mcmuffin campaign's latest tv ad.

apparently the local fox news anchor found a rather disturbing image in the ad: the "c" and the "e" in the word "change" had been blacked out to leave another word hanging over obama's head:


the words "higher taxes" are transposed on an image of obama standing in front of a crowd. the background is blurred at the edges so that the words from obama's signature theme -- change -- has been cut down to the word "hang." the shot appears for about a second. you can watch the ad in its entirety below.

asked about the image, the mccain camp said, "we're not even validating such an outrageous and preposterous claim with a comment."

strikingly, the image of obama with the word hang in the background is blurred far more heavily on the side where the c would have been, suggesting the decision was intentional. the company that produced the ad refused to comment when the local fox affiliate inquired.

not everyone is buying the claim the transposition is deliberate. even at the liberal blog daily kos, an informal poll indicated 76 percent thought the image was deliberate, with 23 percent saying it was a coincidence.
sure, it's a coincidence. just like the picture of mcmuffin w/the word "schmoldfartkbbllqrst" superimposed over his head, w/a few letters blacked out.
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Notice how the letter 'n' is placed over the head of one individual that causes it to appear to be an inverted 'v'. Like a clansman hat....

The MSM are really playing some dirty tricks lately-and they need to be put in check. Perhaps we could start making lists of their advertisers and stop buying their products-boycott.

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