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Friday, August 29, 2008

woot! woot! wooten!

more on gop veep nominee michael sarah palin's brother-in-law problems:

the biggest concern for the alaskan governor now seems to be the fact that, while her aide frank bailey insists he was acting w/o her knowledge when he called the public safety commission to get palin's ex-brother-in-law, mike wooten, fired from the state troopers, palin has only suspended bailey, with pay, as a result.

now, that's not so bad. but gov. palin has fired the head of the public safety commission who refused to fire trooper wooten.

the anchorage daily news sees this as an ethics conundrum for gov. palin:

why is gov. sarah palin's aide frank bailey still collecting a state paycheck?

a recorded phone call proves that bailey used his official position to try to get the alaska troopers to fire officer mike wooten. bailey made it clear he was acting on the governor's concerns about trooper wooten, who happens to be her estranged former brother-in-law. wooten was suspended but not fired for what his supervisor determined was "a significant pattern of judgment failures" and "a course of conduct totally at odds with the ethics of our profession."…

the facts here are not in dispute. with the behavior documented on the recording, he has discredited her avowed goal of running an ethically responsible administration, and he should be fired…

there's no reason for gov. palin to pussyfoot around with bailey's case. this is not one of those state personnel matters where you have to move heaven and earth to sack the offending employee. bailey, a former campaign aide, is a political appointee and can be fired at will.

public safety commissioner walt monegan also served at the pleasure of the governor, and she got rid of him. she cited performance issues, rather than his refusal to re-open wooten's case for further disciplinary action.

so gov. palin's ethically compromised aide frank bailey gets to stay on the state payroll, despite doing dirty work on the governor's behalf, but she gives the hook to the ethically upright public safety commissioner who refused to do bailey's bidding.

what kind of message does that send to alaskans?
the bigger question is, what kind of message does this send to americans looking to choose a new administration in november?

questions of "experience" have been lobbed at barack "to the future" obama, and yet when the same questions are brought to bear against gov. palin, the hardly-ever-right's talking point seems to be "she has far more 'executive' experience than obama."

irrespective of the validity of comparing experience in the executive branch of goverment to that in the legislative branch (what, a senator doesn't delegate? doesn't pick staff? doesn't run an office?), the question comes up pondering what kind of 'executive' experience this messy divorce/firing scandal shows gov. palin to be capable of.

at the very best, it proves that gov. palin picks bad people to work for her. frank bailey, if we take him at his word, went out on his own to pressure a government agency to fire an in-law on behalf of the governor w/o her knowledge. surely anybody with the political acumen of barney fife would know how that would look when it got out.

and at it's worst, the whole affair smacks of reverse nepotism, and corruption at the highest level. problems in the family? the governor's office just picks up the phone and gets the problem relative fired! (or tries to).

and even overlooking either best or worst case scenario, the fact that the governor fired the public safety commissioner who wouldn't buckle under to pressure, but is still paying her aide who excerted the pressure is not good.

beyond that, it's being reported that mcmuffin only met gov. palin once. what does that say about his judgement?
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Running an 18-month presidential campaign with umpty-zillion paid and unpaid employees doesn't count as managing, apparently.
commented by Blogger Linkmeister, 6:17 PM PDT  
yah, or organizing the biggest watched acceptance speech in a football stadium, either.
commented by Blogger skippy, 6:20 PM PDT  
ethics, schmethics, who would you rather share a mooseburger with?

And she couldn't let her daughter just abort that unwanted child, even if it was the result of her brother in law's abuse of his position in law enforcement...
commented by Blogger Faded, 3:41 AM PDT  
The "More executive experience" claim is the weakest claim I've heard since, oh, maybe yesterday, but it's pretty damn weak. So I'll expect to hear much more of it!
commented by Blogger Batocchio, 11:26 AM PDT  
Raise his pay! I want the govs office questioning why jackbooted thugs who tase kids are still on the payroll. Once middle America gets the whole story about this scumbag Wooten, they'll wanna give her a medal.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 5:41 PM PDT  

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