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Monday, August 25, 2008

things to do in denver when you're a democrat

the brad blog, who is reporting from the convention in denver, describes the fun faux news is having w/protesters:

the following video report, as seen live on fox "news" yesterday, demonstrates that the far-right "news" channel has no clue what the words "raucous", "out of control" or "freedom of speech" actually mean, as "reporter" griff jenkins is seen taunting dnc convention demonstrators, only to receive chants of "fuck fox news", live on air, in the bargain...

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hehheeheheh HAHAH!!! "DO you have an actual message without cursing?? ".......
HEHEHE I kinda thought ,"Fuck Fox News!"... and "Fuck You!!", and "I don't want to talk to you!"..were all acutal messages....
But then ,...I believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster also, so I guess I have a limited grasp on "actual messages"...
Straight out FOX though, trying to make what looked to me to be a group of anarchists (and not that large of one) into a "HUGE" rally against Obama...
Oh well....Fuck FOX News.
The correct response would have been "Loofa."

Idiot protesters deserve McCain.
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