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Thursday, August 28, 2008

quote of the day

kevin drum, at his new digs over at mojo:

if walter cronkite could manage to talk semi-intelligently for hours on end during an apollo countdown in which, literally, absolutely nothing was happening, why can't today's talking heads find something semi-intelligent to say while they cover political conventions for hours on end? it is a mystery.
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Because you have to be twice as intelligent to blather semi-intelligently and have it make any kind of sense.

Thought you knew that.
commented by Blogger D., 1:22 PM PDT  
i think he's right about that---
commented by Blogger tomitron, 4:49 PM PDT  
>>>why can't today's talking heads
>>>find something semi-intelligent
>>>to say while they cover
>>>political conventions for hours
>>>on end?

Yes, but (Olbermann aside) when do they EVER say anything that is semi-intelligent?
commented by Blogger Marc McDonald, 11:40 PM PDT  

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