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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

pundits change minds, call election for mcmuffin

joe gandelman @the moderate voice goes wading in the ocean of political punditry and doesn't get his feet wet - most agree that obama has "squandered" a lead and is now in trouble:

obama, his advisers and spinners have shown self-assurance. what they have to show now is political smarts because current polls now suggest a campaign that has been outfoxed and is flat-footed.

just weeks ago, mccain had been accused by many of squandering the long democratic primary season and remaining stagnant in the polls. now it can be argued that obama has squandered his lead — and let mccain effectively define him before he has effectively defined mccain.
joe goes on to quote many a poll which shows mcmuffin gaining on obama, or actually ahead, and then concludes that this is somehow not to be expected. joe joins the punditry in their pearl-clutching and vapors, as if a tightening presidential race towards the end of summer is a new thing, unfathomable or even impossible.

this position pre-supposes that the long, drawn-out democratic nominating procedure (lasting almost into june), with obama's (and sen. clinton's) name blasted across the airwaves 24/7 had little to do w/the sen. from illinois' amazing poll numbers back in the spring.

remember that mcmuffin hardly said or did a thing, just watching and waiting to see how the dem fight sorted out.

also, we'd like you to examine this idea (as voiced by robert arena at americablog (no link to them until somebody over there starts linking to us...you know who you are, aravosis!)):

imagine if someone had told you that the most charismatic democratic speaker in a decade would be in a dead-heat with a republican has-been corrupt waffler - you would have laughed in their face. after eight years of george bush? no way, people are fed up - that’ll never happen.
to that we would respond: the same thing could have been said 8 years ago about the us invading a country that had not provoked us or shown any aggression in any way. inconceivable. but it happened.

no, we are not invoking the bizarro world explanation (a favorite of lefty commentors). what we are saying that a combination of the rightist echo-chambered fact-free infrastructure and the media's vested interest in a close presidential race makes today's poll standings not only expected, but inevitable.

don't get us wrong. we'd love to see barack "to the future" obama way out front. and we have no delusions that his winning the presidency is inevitable. we have said before, if there's any one who can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, it's the democrats.

but to have expected anybody to maintain a comfortable lead from june until november, and then to cry havoc and release the dogs of cable news when the lead slips, is not only unreasonable, it borders on the hysterical. it's drama queen territory.

what we are saying is this: polls tightening as the race goes on? what's next? dog bites man? sky is blue? goldstein quits blogging?
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unreal...enuf to drive all of us to drink ???? WTF??? I don't get it....I live in Ohio there should be tons of McCoot Support in my hood- stickers and VETS that support him...I have seen NOT one sticker and know NO ONE that is supporting McCoot...

( my VET neighbor has a theory- they are only calling the names on McCains's lists.....??)
commented by Blogger enigma4ever, 5:50 PM PDT  
I think this might be where Fat Karl learned to re-invent the obvious present into the quasi-historical fact of . "everybody know this" and thereby actually change the present to represent his decidedly evil agenda.
I mean....the media NEEDS to make something bad happen or else the smug, smiley faced talking heads simply won't have anything to make dumassed comments about and thereby "earn" their unbelievably huge paychecks...
This entire portion of the process sickens me....
I agree Roo,...the Dems can and will try to beat their own asses right into the ground...
I cannot say what drives this but it IS the main reason I quit the Democrat Party. I will still vote with them..but I can't agree with the tactics...
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6:53 PM PDT  

I do not think that word means what you think it means...

Skip, the conventions aren't even until next week. While Obama fucked up royally in the "debate" on Saturday night, thus squandering a valuable chance, this is still the exhibition season.

He'll get something on the order of a ten point bounce, particularly if Hillary's Brute Squad (sorry, I watched the Princess bride this week) is successful in quelling any insurrections.

McCain's dead in the water after that unless he persuades Jesus Himself to run for Veep.
commented by Blogger Carl, 9:08 AM PDT  
Obama define McCain? The press has defined McCain, and continues to define - and defend - him.

Which I suppose means that although Goldstein's leaving, the cock-slapping (and the female equivalent) will continue. Like the saying goes, no one has ever gone broke underestimating the vapidity of our pundit class.
commented by Blogger Batocchio, 10:19 AM PDT  
The DNC shoved a loser down our throats. Many tried to say as much only to be shouted down as bitter, gun-clinging, racists.

How's that bed ya'll made for yourselves?
commented by Blogger Jay, 10:58 AM PDT  
As one of the loudest Hillary supporters, Jay, let me just say this:

It's fine but we could use a bit more help tucking in the sheets!
commented by Blogger Carl, 12:17 PM PDT  
heheheh... Carl said "tucking in the sheets!!"
Thats fun....
Whats with you Jay??? Just got a headache??? From all the too loud gun-fire noise?? Or just bitter??
Hah!!! I have no problems with gun-clingers, racists on the other hand...
BTW... anybody want a peanut???
Princess Bride.. Carl a seriously great movie if there ever was one...

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