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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

just imagine reading this

in the newspaper...what would you think?
barack obama wears one b&w sleeveless shirt on a morning talk show and a simple blue suit at the democratic national convention and suddenly, he's the king of political fashion?

what about joseph biden, who has been struggling in the style spotlight for 20 years? we all know those boxy jackets, dowdy suits, proper cufflinks and a conservative coif.
a catty tone.....sounds like you would think these two are all fluff and no substance, eh? that isn't exactly what was written in the latte times...but this is an example of the subtle sexism that is acceptable in our society. it's not what women in politics are saying...but what they are wearing that is seemingly most important.

thank you hillary for putting those cracks in the glass ceiling. thanks for changing the way many young girls will look at their futures. thank you for that terrific speech this evening. i didn't vote for you, i thought another candidate was more aligned with my beliefs and i didn't like the way your campaign was handled, but that doesn't mean i don't honor your determination.

however, we have so much further to go. but, hillary...thanks for leading the way.

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