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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

hunting for pumas

the salon.com report about "angry pumas" at the denver convention nails their illogic on the head:

i asked [clinton for mccain contingent member robin] carlson why, if she was offended by being called "sweetie" and invested in the legacy of her foremothers, she would express her disappointment over obama's nomination by supporting a man who would rob women of their reproductive rights and who does not support equal-pay legislation. "we are really sick and tired of having women's rights held over our heads as a threat," she said. "it's country over party now."
we can understand if somebody who supported sen. clinton is ticked off enough to write in her name next november...we could even understand if they choose to vote for a third party candidate who espouses a platform similar to sen. clinton (ie, green).

but to vote for mcmuffin just because sen. clinton lost the primaries? skippy's mother used to have a rather gory saying: "you're cutting off your nose to spite your face."

skippy's mother was seriously derranged, but in this case, she had a point.
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As you know, Skip, I was firmly in the pocket of Hillary, so far that I could count pubic hairs.

I smell a Rovian plot here: it really wouldn't surprise me if a lot of this anger is being stirred up by the Republican machine, and the lemmings are following along.

I mean, I'm not a woman and even I get the difference!
commented by Blogger Carl, 2:14 PM PDT  
and thereis no talking sense to the lot of them. believe me-- i've been making it a private mission to try and bring them back into the fold. they want nothing of it. i do believe that at the core is some gop machinations, but, off the tip of my tongue, i can speak of the (not jeralyn) posters at talkleft, nearly everyone at corrente, larry johnson... i cannot assign rove to their stance.

try and write in the quite voice, no expletives, calm reason... you're going to get attacked, and have your nads handed to you.

i remember when i was a little child-- i desperately wanted a particular toy at the store, and mom wouldn't buy it for me. i screamed bloody murder all the way to the car, and all the way home. even after it was clear that not only was i not going to get the toy, i was going to have to face the reality of explaining myself to dad, why mom had to leave the store without the groceries.

it's every bit like that.

i just don't under =stand the screaming, destructive, useless tantrum that they are throwing.

commented by Anonymous Monkeyfister, 3:29 PM PDT  
Are you sure that wasn't Skippy's father, "Jason"?

On a more serious note, here's what I think is behind this - not Obama, or Clinton's disagreements with Obama, but Obama supporters. The atmosphere at places like Daily Kos was quite literally vituperative for months, with anyone expressing the slightest positive note about Clinton being almost literally hounded out of the place. If I were a Clinton supporter, I would have been feeling very negative about Obama, and that would have had nothing whatsoever to do with Obama himself.

As to why they might want to vote for McCain, perhaps it's because they think Hillary will have another chance in four years if McCain wins, vs. eight years (and probably never) if Obama wins.
carl, you could well be right. as i read thru the comments on tapped last nite, several commentors who said they were supporters of hillary who were now going to vote for mccain pointed out that hillary & mccain were both in favor of continuing the war.

i do believe hillary has modified her stance, and her position is nowhere near mccain.

eli, it wasn't my dad. my dad was too drunk to give pithy advice. it was my nutcase mom for sure.
commented by Blogger skippy, 5:59 PM PDT  
I wonder how this conversation would be unfolding if Clinton had won and we were discussing bringing in disgruntled Obama supporters. After all of the invective between the two camps, does anyone doubt there would be similar numbers of Obama supporters that simply would not vote for Clinton? Normally most voters don't LOVE their candidates THAT much, when their favored candidate loses the supporters can easily move on.
commented by Anonymous sean, 8:55 AM PDT  

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