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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

frickin' bloggers, get out of your parents' basement and deal w/real life, already!

and we are talking to the lefty bloggers here...

scout prime over at first draft keeps us up to date on the insensitivity of some in blogtopia and yes, we coined that phrase, who are such navel-gazers that they are hoping for a natural disaster of katrina-proportions to hit when the gop convention starts:

more than just a few nola bloggers have ripped will bunch and a kos diary for writing how hurricane gustav hitting the gulf coast at the time of the republican convention could be a "nightmare" for the republicans. the nola bloggers find it insensitive and callous to be speaking of "a realpolitik point of view" as they possibly face another disaster…

but having read the many above linked posts, i find i have very hard time with kos diarist digitalapoptosis describing gustav as

"this perfect reminder of the 3rd anniversary of hurricane katrina."
is katrina not perfect enough as a reminder for us?

are not 1720 dead enough of a reminder?...

do we really need another disaster to remind us of the terrible last one which occurred only 3 years ago? i can guarantee you the people on the gulf coast don't need a reminder as they are still living it each day. and if the rest of us need a new disaster as a reminder of katrina then what the hell is wrong with us?

we don't need a reminder, we just need to fucking remember.
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I see that idiot dKos diarist has added a brief update: "Far from me to gloat about others' misfortune but the timing is intriguing." Yeah, if you think a hurricane happening during hurricane season is unusual. What, the, fuck?

This is just one reason why I've been posting little more than YouTube music clips lately. Some political bloggers have a way of bringing out the worst in me. But when I'm blogging about music, it's like I'm a changed man. Fuck that diarist. I'm sticking to music...
commented by Blogger Jim Yeager, 9:59 AM PDT  
is saying that gustav hitting the gulf coast would be a "nightmare" for republicans is insensitive and callous, but isn't it also true? whenever liberal bloggers like me talk about the ramfications of u.s. casualties in iraq, rightwing bloggers claim that i'm "hoping for" or "cheering" american deaths, but that's not what i'm doing at all.

the claim that kos et. al. is hoping for another katrina-type disaster strikes me as basically the same argument as those rightwingers make to me.
commented by Blogger upyernoz, 10:49 AM PDT  

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