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Monday, August 25, 2008

baby face

so when you saw the obama kids did you think

a) aw, so cute
b) shouldn't those kids be in bed; or
c) god mcPOW is so f'ing old

just asking.
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...I thought:

a) aw, so cute
b) I guess they can stay up till 9:00; it's not a school night
c) Are mcPOW's grandchildren this cute?
commented by Blogger Jack K., 8:13 PM PDT  
Awww cuter that cute.
and the young one is probably gonna be trouble in around ten years or so...
The older one had this look and air about her of, "Wow! This is so cool!"
Off the question... but, I apologize to any and all if my occasional misspell or lack of punctuation offends...
I am usually in a dark room and a terrible typist to boot...
And I have a limited vocabulary and no ability to spell...
I could use a spell check, I could turn on a light...
Yeah... I could.. I just never seem to.. sorry.
I thought ... "golly, neither one of those girls looks like she'd flip someone off from a limo or have a picture taken falling down drunk in a bar."

Granted, they're a bit younger than Jenna, but they do seem a bit more mature.
commented by Blogger The Dead Acorn, 12:12 AM PDT  
Well, the Obama kids are cute, no question. But I do try not to think about McCain. At all, whenever possible...
commented by Blogger Jim Yeager, 3:36 AM PDT  
August 26, 2008

New McCain Ad Attacks Obama Kids

Cute, Not Ready to Lead, Ad Claims

In what might be his most controversial attack ad in a campaign dominated by them, presumptive G.O.P. presidential nominee John McCain today launched a new TV spot attacking Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill)'s two children.

According to political insiders, a negative ad targeting a rival's offspring is highly unorthodox, especially when the children in question are under the age of ten.

But after the two Obama kids scored in their performance on national television last night at the Democratic convention, "we had to do something to give the American people some straight talk on those two brats," Sen. McCain said today.

In the ad, which is being broadcast in key swing states, an announcer intones, "They're the cutest children in the world - but are they ready to lead?"

The spot uses visuals to link the two Obama kids to other famously cute kids, such as the young Drew Barrymore and the Cabbage Patch dolls.

The commercial goes on to blast the Obama children for "smiling and giggling but refusing to state their position on offshore oil drilling."

While some critics questioned how well the ad would play in living rooms across America, Sen. McCain defended it, telling reporters, "It played very well in all of my living rooms."
commented by Blogger Carl, 9:07 AM PDT  

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