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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

we're humorists ourselves, but that new yorker cover is just plain offensive!


don't you agree?

meanwhile, here's mad kane's take on it!
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You know ..I listened to an interview with the New Yorker writer that has a regular (as such) interview relationship with the Senator..
It was Nina and this guy talking all about Obama...
And after a bit it dawned on me that this man was being straightforward in his speech mannerisms and even at times sounded apologetic (sort of)..but what he was really doing was trashing the Senator with every statement...It was very craftily done...just this side of some sort of Vulcan mind freak...
Point is... I have come to believe that the New Yorker is actively attempting to cause a situation to evolve that might bring violence to the Honorable Senator from Illinois..
YOu know...nothing sells like a good killing...
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My first reaction here, and further comments on satire in general here
I'm a bit confused by the intent of this posting.

I mean, I recognize the ancient National Lampoon cover, but does anybody else?

And the other problem, of course: the Blazing Saddles allusion -- this is really bold! Considering that the word used in that scene was not Candidate.
porlock, i did the joke just for you alone.

and to be really honest, i totally spaced the blazing saddles allusion.

apparently even my subconscious is a superb satirist.
commented by Blogger skippy, 6:10 PM PDT  
I recognize the ancient National Lampoon cover.

Very evil & tasteless, Skippy.

Please keep up the good work.

*five minute thunderous standing ovation*

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