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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

water finds its own level; or, dancing w/ the stupids

what else can we add to this? dan quayle is on the short list for next season's dancing w/the stars. realitytvworld:

former u.s. vice president dan quayle is on "the short list" of celebrity participants currently being courted by abc for dancing with the stars seventh season, gossipsauce.com reported monday.

the 61-year-old quayle is a former indiana senator and also served as vice president under george h. w. bush from 1989 to 1993.

should he actually be cast for dancing with the stars, quayle would actually be the second politician to appear on the show -- following in the footsteps of third-season participant jerry springer, who had previously served as the mayor of cincinnati.
we don't know which is sadder: a former vice president stooping to appear on reality tv, or actually considering jerry springer a politician.

we understand dick cheney applied to be on fear factor; not as a contestant, but rather as the fear factor itself.

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Jerry Springer was a host for his own Air America Radio program before leaving for Dancing With the Stars
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