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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

true hero in ken. church shootings - a liberal

via ian welch @ fdl:

something about the knoxville killings touched me, though. i saw the picture of the guy who did the killing "so ordinary" said the neighbours, "he seemed like a nice man" and i couldn't but agree. but what touched me, more, was this - a man named greg mckendry. mckendry's dead now, and he's dead because of this: he deliberately shielded others from a shotgun blast.

you don't survive that, and he had to know it. so he knew what he was doing, and he made a decision—to put the lives of others above his own.

then the congregants tackled the shooter, took him down, and held him for police.

love of others, sacrifice for others, and calm collective action to deal with a threat.

they say that unitarians are the most liberal church around.

i don't know if that's true, but in the face of tragedy, unitarians certainly showed what liberalism should be.
to which we can only add, remember that the liberals of the unitarian church disarmed the nutcase w/in 5 minutes of shooting, and they had no weapons.

god bless greg mckendry.

(addendum: ian provided us w/a link to the story)
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skippy thanks for reporting on this- the MSM has not really said much or done much followup....and there has been next to nothing said about how the Liberals disarmed and defused the situation...or much said about the wounded and the dead...

( MSM would rather not honor liberals I guess...how shocking...)
commented by Blogger enigma4ever, 7:06 PM PDT  
Perceived conflicts and differences are always the most difficult to address... But reasonable people Can address them... I am not sure what this person's motivation was, nor that we will actually ever know...but it cannot have been a thing of great realism...as I understood it when I first heard,...he was not a member there but a stranger...
So, one asks with no agenda other than understanding.."What The Fuck??? "
I cannot fathom the mental unrest that must perforce be residing in this person's mind but to just take a gun and go shooting innocent folks ....well, damn.
I am saddened by such horrifying stories...and you are on the mark about the man who dies Skippy,,,.....Hero.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 7:52 PM PDT  
they had no weapons

Obviously, they find it irrational to carry weapons into a place of peace.

Go fig.
commented by Blogger Carl, 8:47 AM PDT  

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