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Monday, July 28, 2008

this might get him out of the traffic ticket

chi sun-times reports that robert novak has been diagnosed w/a brain tumor:

chicago sun-times columnist robert novak said today he has been diagnosed with a brain tumor but says that, “god willing,” he plans to be back at work soon.

novak said he was diagnosed sunday with a tumor and will soon begin treatment at brigham and women’s hospital in boston…

the diagnosis was sudden. novak became ill sunday during a family outing near cape cod, mass. a family member called 911, and he was brought by ambulance to brigham and women's hospital, where the diagnosis was made.

it’s too early to know whether the tumor is malignant or benign, his assistant said. (via)
we are not being snarky at all when we say this could help explain his erratic behavior last week when he was involved in a hit-and-run accident in dc.

a statement released by novak says he will suspend his journalistic duties for now, but hopefully for not too long.

we at skippy international sincerely wish mr. novak a speedy recovery, and hope for the best in his medical trevails.
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Skippy International might, but all I can say is...

commented by Blogger Carl, 11:09 AM PDT  
I remeber a comment made about Randolph Churchill when it was revealed that he had a tumor removed and that it turned out to be non malignant.
The comment was "to bad they took the only non malignant part of him"
commented by Anonymous Ken, 11:31 AM PDT  
Will they take away his driver's license since he's a danger on the road?
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 1:33 PM PDT  
Will it excuse his assisting in the outing of Valerie Plame, and the destuction of the Bruster Jennings anti-nuclear proliferation HUMINT Channel?

I am sorry for his family, but I was sorry for his family from the time I became aware of Robert Novak.

He's a menace. Best he's over.

commented by Anonymous Monkeyfister, 4:48 PM PDT  
novak says he will suspend his journalistic duties for now I believe he did that years ago.
commented by Anonymous popeyemoon, 5:18 AM PDT  

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