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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

ok...morning cup o'joe

busted (motivator style)
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you busted some of us bloggers. not.

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D'oh! My cat's been at it again!
commented by Blogger Batocchio, 5:28 PM PDT  
He was my Congresscritter, and during that time I was constantly appearing in the letters column of the local puppie trainer explaining why neither he nor his staff had any knowledge of history.

The man supported the Serbs in the Yugoslav civil wars! He is, was, and always will be - clueless.

I am firmly convinced that he does not understand how time works, as in the meaning of past, present, and future.
commented by Anonymous Bryan, 10:20 PM PDT  
Awfully cocky foe a guy who had a young staffer found mysteriously not living anymore in his campaign headquarters...
Wonder how much that cost (besides being in Congress anymore) to cover up, keep a lid on, make like it never happened...??????
P.S,..Joe,..I Only Eat Cheetos NAKED! So there ya go youngster...still ill informed!!
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 7:33 AM PDT  

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