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Monday, July 28, 2008

hunger in america

welcome to the newest 3rd world country that can't feed it's own people...the good ol' u.s. of a.
food pantry operators throughout the los angeles region report that demand for free groceries has surged to the highest level in recent memory this summer as the sagging economy has hit not only the poor, but also middle- and upper-class families."this is probably the most people we've ever seen use emergency food assistance," said darren hoffman, communications director for the 35-year-old los angeles regional food bank.

"we're seeing people who were making $70,000 a year coming into a food bank for the first time. . . . they've used their retirement to pay their mortgage, and gone through their savings." - latte times

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here in C-town...it is the highest it has been in over 20 years - or since they have been keeping track...they have been trying to hold fundraising events....but nothing is working....
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