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Thursday, July 10, 2008

happy blogiversary * -- to us!

whoops, we forgot! we're six years old today!

as is our tradition, we bring you skippy's very first post:

ok kids, this is my first attempt at blogging. why blogging? because i can. it's a lot like mt. everest in that way. we are all climbing the peaks of cyberspace to get to the pinnacle (or is it pinochle? i prefer canasta).

the web is one huge library full of books that didn't have to go through an editor to get published. is that good or bad? in truth, it's neither (ok, i've seen some of these blogs, you're right, it is bad). but nonetheless, as the french say, pass the fries!

i gotta start off with thoughts about mr. bush's speech. didn't work for me. not me personally, but my stock portfolio. i spent most of this morning selling at least half of my holdings. one sep-ira which i had started in 1993, and had doubled in value by 2000, had fallen all the back to original value plus $50 as of end of trading today.

i hate to tell you kids this, but we're in the middle of another great depression. that's ok, though, i'm old enough that my parents grew up during the first one, so i know some good techniques for saving money.
there are many people to thank, too many to actually thank them, so instead we'll link to last year's blogiversary post, where we thanked everybody in blogtopia**.

thanks to you, our readers, for sticking with us, and with any luck, maybe we'll have good news to blog about in the coming years.

* yes, talkleft coined that phrase!
** yes, we coined that phrase!

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congratulations, skippy!
commented by OpenID Michael, 10:54 PM PDT  
happy blogiversary to my favorite roo and crew

commented by Blogger Suzanne, 1:25 AM PDT  
Six years? Good God, that's three times longer than most blogs live. This blog was built to last.

Congratulations, skippy. Normally, I'd be in a more festive mood. But this has not been my best year. (Big surprise.) I hate presidential races. Come on and get here, 2009, this shit has driven me crazy...
commented by Blogger Jim Yeager, 4:54 AM PDT  
Yay! Happy Anniversity! I don't say a lot but I'm here every day, and I truly appreciate what you do.

commented by Anonymous tata, 5:32 AM PDT  
Happy Anniversary....we love ya'
commented by Blogger enigma4ever, 9:03 AM PDT  
Happy Blogiversary, and congrats!
commented by Anonymous acallidryas, 9:13 AM PDT  
commented by Blogger Batocchio, 9:57 AM PDT  
happy belated, skippy!
commented by Blogger Man Eegee, 10:57 AM PDT  
Happy, Happy, Happy anniversary to you skippy :)
commented by Blogger nunya, 1:49 PM PDT  
Yays!! Happy happy and congratulations!!
commented by Blogger maru, 2:04 PM PDT  
skippy and crew, sorry I'm a day late and a dollar short, but happy blogiversary!

Since I first discovered blogtopia (y, iksctp!), you've been a daily read.

'roo and the crew have also been among the first and constant supporters of the blogs I contribute to.

Thanks for writing your blog, thanks for your encouragement, thanks for the T-shirts and thanks for all the fish!

(yeah, yeah, I know, I should leave comedy to the comedians;-)
commented by Blogger The Sailor, 2:50 PM PDT  
Mazeltov, pal! You're one of the first blogs I stumbled across here in Blogtopia (yes! you coined that phrase!) and you've been a several-times-daily check in for me. I love ya. Many more.
commented by Blogger Fixer, 2:51 PM PDT  
Did you get any Cake?? :)
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 5:50 PM PDT  
My belated happy anniversary wishes. It's been an honor to meet you and, thus, have my monetary brush with one of blogtopia's greatest.
commented by Blogger DBK, 8:46 AM PDT  
A pat on the back for the effort. Six years is a life time on the internets. Way to go!!
commented by Blogger One Fly, 10:41 AM PDT  
Happy Six, Skippy. You've been a great bloggerfriend. Many more to you! Jeralyn
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 10:00 PM PDT  

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