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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

drinking for obama

skippy has just returned from an evening of platform planking and heavy imbibing at this month's socal drinking liberally meeting.

but, for a change, there was an actual point to the gathering...the group was joined by venice for obama, and had the mission statement, along with getting drunk, of helping to come up w/ideas for the national democratic platform.

of course, the 'getting drunk' part was probably not only easier but more productive in reality, but at least the energy and excitment produced by the idea of helping obama's campaign was palpable and infectious.

skippy saw several old blogging friends, including hekebolos, thereisnospoon, shayera and the ever-increasingly prolific d-day. and the lovely mary jack who, while still refusing to make a blog of her own, is an ethusiastic local democratic leader and provacateur.

tho a good time was had by all, skippy was reminded once again that if anyone can snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory, it's the democrats. faced with the task of coming up w/ideas for a global warming plank for the democratic platform, the group of liberal drinkers skippy found himself in took what seemed like hours, debating form and vocabularly, before even putting pen to paper (or, more appropriately for tonite's gathering, marker to oversiezed art tablet).

at one point, worried about reaching blue collar slash common american voters, one participant opined "farmers don't know much about the environment." (believe us, kids, skippy comes from a long line of american prairie dwellers, and if there's one thing farmers know about, it's the environment.)

but a good time was had by all, and the enthusiasm that obama generates is fun, once everyone gets over their own candidate having lost.
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