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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

welcome to the bushco america

"you're on your (freakin') own...."

from blogger jennifer lance on "red, white and green" living up in trinity county in nocal....
on saturday, i called 911 twice to report seven fires, six of which only appeared on a map yesterday! i called calfire, the united states forest service (two ranger districts), the humboldt county sheriff department, the trinity county sheriff department, and our local volunteer fire department. i wanted to know what road i could take out of our valley if i needed to escape the firestorm. the response, “ma’am, there are fires everywhere. we don’t know where they are or what roads are open.” i felt trapped, and we began putting dozer lines around our meadow, hooking up more sprinklers, and connecting fire hoses to the pump in our pond.

friends of ours in mendocino were told by cdf, “we have so many fires, you are on your own.” you are on your own! five days later, there has still not been any agency to help with their fire; however, the blm showed up to tell them to stop using private bulldozers to put fire lines in around the blaze on public land. they were told they would be arrested; they didn’t listen and protected their homes on their own.
california is taking a hit...a serious social, environmental and financial hit. some of the heartbreaking stories.

cal fire firefighters work 30 days straight

coast guard rescues condors from fire
the california wildfires are not only threatening homes and lives but the california condor population. birds had to be evacuated from a sanctuary in big sur, while the so-called gallery fire continues to burn nearby.
fires in nevada, placer counties are lower priority
more than 1,000 wildfires raging in california have created competition for resources to battle the blazes choking nevada, sierra and placer counties, and a fire official wednesday said an air inversion layer will have to lift before smoky conditions improve.

“we’re competing for resources,” said carlton joseph, incident commander for the yuba river complex of fires in nevada and sierra counties. on wednesday, only 295 firefighters had been assigned to the complex because fire crews “are at a premium.”
siskiyou fires continue to grow
2,500 firefighters from oregon have arrived to help california crews battle the estimated 800 fires that are burning between the san francisco area and the central valley. the fires have charred tens of thousands of acres and forced hundreds of evacuations.

a wildfire in los padres national forest has already burned 16 homes and is moving closer to the scenic community of big sur. officials say the blaze is only 3 percent contained and has burned nearly 30 square miles near the coast, about a mile south of big sur. about 500 residences are threatened by the fire.
wildfires continue to rage across northern california (video)
cal fire reports that in addition to fires and evacuations, a number of related highway closures on state highways and local roads which are closed throughout northern california due to wildfire activities.

closures are in place for state highway 32, 36, 70, 89, 96. delays are in place for state highway 299. it is reported that numerous county and local roads are closed as well. travelers are advised to check with law enforcement agencies prior to traveling.
unhealthy air forecast for bay area thursday
worsening wildfire smoke spurred a rare forecast of unhealthy air for much of the East Bay today with the general public — not just sick people — being advised to limit strenuous outdoor exercise and exposure to smoky air.

until today, the worst air pollution in the bay area from the many northern california fires was "moderate," triggering advisories for children, the elderly and people with respiratory problems to limit outdoor exercise.

but the smoke keeps blowing in.
fire zone grows to 35,000 acres in mendocino
so far more than 100 fires in mendocino county have burned 20,300 acres, causing a preliminary damage estimate of $3.1 million.

...in mendocino county, about 900 rural residences are threatened, nearly double the number from earlier in the week, according to the state command team now in charge of firefighting efforts. evacuation centers have been set up at point arena and willits high schools.
oh...by the way...we're not even in the official "fire season" yet."
you're looking at a pattern that's climatologically rare. we typically don't see this happen at this time of summer," said john juskie, a science officer with the national weather service in sacramento. "to see 8,000 (lighting strikes), that's way up there on the scale." - the insurance journal

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If only there was a large, disciplined force that could be called on during such emergencies. a sort of "national guard," if you will.
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