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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

skippy's monday nite music club

emma kirkby, james bowman & the academy of ancient music - stabat mater by giovanni battista pergolesi

pergolesi was one of the earliest operatic composers, having worked in the mid-18th century. but this religious piece is perhaps his most famous work. wikipedia tells us it was the most frequently printed work in the 18th century.

originally written for two castradi, here it is sung by the redoubtable dame carolyn emma kirkby, one of the premiere specialists in early music, and counter-tenor james bowman. the academy of ancient music is conducted by christopher hogwood.


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i suggested to the director of the tucson boys choir that he might ensure the integrity of his soprano section with a sharp knife.

when doing the early stuff i love it when the modern singers quell their vibratos.

i will attribute that nice touch to maestro hogwood. he's a fave of mine.
commented by Blogger The Minstrel Boy, 9:27 AM PDT  
This absolutely proves my thesis that all good music is rock'n'roll.

Lovely, simply rockin'.
commented by Blogger SteveAudio, 11:52 AM PDT  
Thanks! I performed some Pergolesi back in college.
commented by Blogger Batocchio, 4:29 PM PDT  

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