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Monday, June 09, 2008

sexism? we thought he said "sex jism"!!

many of our obamafan readers took umbrage w/our report on sexism from the obama camp, and on obama's calling of a female reporter "sweetie."

granted, clinton's folks were pretty ready to play the racist card at a moment's notice (something which we publically abhored), but that doesn't absolve her competitor's supporters from the guilt of playing the gender card.

in other words, two evils do not equal a good. the "but they did it too" defence won't hold up in kangaroo court.

and the sexism, it seems, comes from the top down:

we're just sayin...if clinton had called an african american reporter "boy," you'd never hear the end of it.

and trust us, "sweetie," especially when used on somebody the speaker doesn't even know, is condescending and dismissive, just as much as "boy" would be.

and in response to our commentor who said

and by the way have you read the examples used in sis's hillary sexism watch? i mean talk about desperately conflating things to make a point. and the majority o those are directed at the msm which sis somehow blames on obama. as if he had directed the news media to make these remarks.

in other words skip it is b.s.!
we would respond:

tho we haven't read all 90 instances of the hillary sexism watch that shakesville has put together, upon a cursory perusal we found no place that the shakes kids "somehow blames on obama" the pieces of overt sexism. it is not shakesville that is pointing the finger at sen. obama. we went to the confluence to get the clip of sen. obama's mouth saying the word "sweetie" to an unknown female newsreporter. so even there, we wouldn't say it was the confluence pointing the finger. there we would say that obama himself makes the case that he is sexist. sweetie.

as to shakesville "desperately conflating things to make a point"...well, we personally don't think that it's conflating things to say that a hillary nutcracker is sexist, demeaning and insulting; it's not conflating things to find the citizens united not timid 527 to "educate the public about what hillary clinton really is" offensive; it's not conflating things to be disgusted at the anti-hillary pages on facebook such as "hillary shouldn't run for president, she should do the dishes"; etc. etc. etc.

are we saying that sen. obama is responsible for all the sexism directed towards sne. clinton? no. neither are we blaming sen. clinton for all the racism directed towards sen. obama.

but we are pointing out that even tho he won, sen. obama's campaign, and sen. obama himself, was not innocent of bigoted and prejudicial thinking.

there are those that would say the plight of the african-american in this country was more frought w/hardship than that of women. there are those that would say the reverse is true.

we are simply expressing our disbelief that a senator, and now presidential nominee, could be so dismissive in such an insulting way to a reporter based on her gender, when he himself was the recipient of insults and dismissals, based on his race.

we think this cartoon by tony auth sez it the best:


addendum: chet scoville of the vanity press (and of shakesville) points out to us that shakesville also has an obama racism watch as well.

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Let me also point out that the Shakesville HSW is in fact over a hundred posts long; not ONE of them blames Obama for something that Obama did not do; and Shakesville also has an ongoing Obama Racism Watch.
commented by Blogger Chet Scoville, 8:41 AM PDT  
Well s the commenter referred to in the above post I feel called upon to give some response.

I think the point of my comment was that there were actual instances of the Clinton campaign using racism to marginalize Barack Obama while, other then possibly the Annie Oakley comment, Obama's campaign seemed to have much cleaner hands as it related to using sexism against Hillary.

I mean the "sweetie" comment can be used to illustrate a sexist bent in Obama or simply a slip of the tongue. (Remember he did IMMEDIATELY apologize)

Look Skip I actually don't want to dredge all of this up again or keep having these disagreements. My only point was that I think there was substantially more evidence to suggest that the Clinton's seemed to make a political decision to use racism and I found that pretty ugly. There is a reason that the African American community has turned completely against a President that they once adored and defended. The Clinton's broke the black community's heart.

But it is time for all of us to get together and beat John McCain. I have stopped posting about Hillary and am moving on to the very important battle ahead.

I just wanted to point out that the evidence makes it clear about which campaign used certain scurrilous tactics and which campaign was blamed for the actions of others.
commented by Blogger Gryphen, 4:31 PM PDT  
Yes, gryphen, you want to put it behind you - so long as you get to continue throwing someone named Clinton under a bus.
commented by Anonymous ta hussain ta, 3:35 PM PDT  

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