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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

fire! uh, uh, uh....fire!

just start playing that disco song for the backdrop of our fair (and fabulous) state right now. we're on fire. a whole bunch o' fire. we're downright hot, dry and toasty. approximately 840 fires are blazing in the northern part of the state. firecrews from socal are heading up to help. firecrews from montana are flying in to help. firecrews from idaho, arizona, oregon, etc., are heading in. most of these 800+ fires are small, but there remains 35 major blazes lapping up more state money....money we don't have.

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with all that extra water in the mid-west, can't we just tip the county to one side and let it drain over here to the left coast?

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thanks for posting this- the MSM has barely covered this...but they are saying it is due to lightening strikes- hundreds of them...I really don't remember lightening starting this many fires when I lived out there? is this normal ? or is it something really unusual.....
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