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Monday, June 30, 2008

"damn, it's hot" question of the day...

iced tea, iced coffee, water, gatorade, lemonade -- what do you drink when it's hotter than hell outside?

(bonus question for cookie jill: are you trying to get incinerated? for the flying spaghetti monster's sake, get away from that part of california! it is nothing but bad for you, jill. run away, run away...)


posted by Jim Yeager at 7:22 AM |


Alcoholic: Ice cold Bud Light

Non-Alcoholic: Coca-Cola on the rocks. Mmmm...
commented by Anonymous Marked Hoosier, 1:32 PM PDT  
1 part Diet CranGrape (CranGrape Light) mixed with 3 parts Diet Ginger Ale. Delish!

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