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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

time to stop buying the donuts - an action alert!

two can play at this game.

michelle malkin led the hardly-ever-right wing charge to threaten dunkin' donuts w/a boycott because an online ad for the chain featured rachel ray wearing a scarf.

that's right. a scarf.

malkin and her ilk (or would that be her "alk"?) claim that the scarf, which looks nothing like yasser arafat's kaffiyeh, looks exactly like yasser arafat's kaffiyeh.

you be the judge:

rachel ray, terrorist

yasser arafat, donut lover

dunkin' donuts caved, and pulled the ad. but as epicurious.com points out:

of course, malkin glosses over the fact that the kaffiyeh is a staple of arab wardrobes all over the middle east (jordanians prefer red-and-white ones, kuwaitis all-white ones, etc.), not simply among those using violent means to create a palestinian state. simply saying that anyone who wears a kaffiyeh is demonstrating solidarity with islamic terrorists is like saying anyone who wears a beret believes in cuban-style communism as espoused by che guevara. true, arafat made it his trademark, but it's critical to remember that to a vast number of arabs, the kaffiyeh's basically just another kind of hat, and that to equate kaffiyeh-wearers with terrorists sets a dangerous precedent in a country that should have learned by now the pitfalls of underestimating the complexities of arab (and muslim) cultures.

unless, of course, malkin actually is saying that all kaffiyeh-wearing arabs are jihadists and terrorists, which is certainly something she'd conceivably say.

not, of course, that i'm defending rachael ray, who probably holds the record for the most negative comments on epi-log. or arafat, who treated the 2000 camp david negotiations with ehud barak like a haggling session in a souk and perhaps singlehandedly dashed hopes for peace in the middle east. or dunkin' donuts, though i am very attached to my dunkin' donuts coffee mug ....
so by acquiescing to malkin's bigoted demands, dunkin' donuts itself has acted in a bigoted manner, eg, implying that all people who wear a kaffiyeh are to be suspected of terrorism.

we say, what's good for the batshit insane is good for the logical.

here's dunkin' donuts contact form. why not email them and let them know that you will no longer be buying their donuts or coffee or any product because their actions, at worst, in effect condemn all who wear scarves, and at best, are just plain looney?

be nice...and point out what epicurious says...a kaffiyeh is merely a piece of wardrobe worn by most people in the arab world, and to ascribe a political philosophy to its usage is moronic.

and we don't need to buy from moronic corporations.

addendum: here's the text of skippy's email:


i just learned you have pulled a rachel ray internet ad because some people, including right-wing pundit michelle malkin, have expressed concern that the scarf ms. ray is wearing looks like a kaffiyeh, which they see as a symbol of islamic terrorism.

first of all, a scarf in and of itself is not a kaffiyeh. if you look closely, you'll notice a paisley print in ms. ray's scarf, and i doubt seriously that paisley falls within the accepted purview of terrorist symbolism.

as you probably are aware, a kaffiyeh is little more than an article of clothing worn by practically everybody in the arabic world, and to ascribe a political philosophy to it is akin to saying that whoever wears red is a communist.

your knee-jerk reaction is simplistic at best, bigoted at worst, and moronic no matter how you look at it.

consider this my pledge that i will no longer patronize any dunkin' donuts store, buy any dunkin' donuts products, or even say nice things about such a gutless and bigoted corporation such as yours.

boy, are you guys cowardly, or at least stupid.

no more of my dollars will you see.
and here's their snail mail and phone #:

dunkin' donuts consumer care
130 royall street
canton, ma 02021
tel: 800-859-5339
double addendum: apparently john mccain's daughter meghan is a terrorist, too!

double addendum: letters are being written! update here!

triple addendum: a.n.s.w.e.r. also calls for a boycott!

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I must say, Arafat's head-scarf looks very much like one of my grandmother's old tea-towels. What does that say about Grandma?


Actually, what does it say about him? He stole Grandma's tea-towel! Damn terrorists, first they take our donuts and now our tea-towels! NOOOOOOO!
commented by Anonymous Darth Robo, 8:10 PM PDT  
Michelle wearing a terror print dress at YAF
commented by Anonymous jr, 9:09 PM PDT  
I sent the following
I have just learned that you have capitulated to a very small group of right wing extremists over Rachel Ray's scarf. Be assured that in doing so you have lost a customer who has spent $15-20 per week in your stores. I will take my business to a place that stands up to such people intead of cow towing to them.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8:26 AM PDT  
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8:36 AM PDT  
The US & UK troops in Iraq and Afghanistan are issued kaffiyeh, not silk scarves like Ms Ray is wearing, but actual cotton-wool blend kaffiyeh to deal with the sand.

To support Arafat's Fatah movement, like the US and Israeli government currently do, you would have to choose the same colors and pattern that Arafat wore, which are tribal in origin.

Actually, for Ms Ray to wear an actual kaffiyeh would be insulting to followers of Arafat, as it is a "man's hat".
commented by Anonymous Bryan, 9:08 AM PDT  
I emailed them earlier today before I came to this site. Here's mine:

Just letting you know that I am another American who will be boycotting your stores because of your moronic decision to cave in to the lunatic fringe of the far right wing by pulling your Rachael Ray "scarf" ads. Your managers really are a bunch of gutless dolts. It'll be interesting to see how long they're able to hang onto their jobs after this all shakes down.
commented by Blogger Don, 9:23 AM PDT  
Please, please, please!!

Alert the world that John McCain is a closet Muslim. If you notice on his campaign logo, the star is directly over the capital "C."

see: http://www.johnmccain.com/

This looks suspiciously similar to the crescent and star symbol for Islam.

see: http://www.4wardthink.com/page4.html

Let Michelle know as she hates ALL semi-circles!

see: http://www.someguywithawebsite.com/blogarchive/week_2005_09_04.html
commented by Blogger LanceThruster, 12:06 PM PDT  
this is what i wrote:


I despise bigots, but not as much as i despise spineless corporations who succumb to the demands af a small group of moronic extremist bigots like michele malkin.

Obvioulsy you've lost my business, as well as my family's, freinds' and the numerous donut runs my company used to make to your establishment.

Plenty of options out there, we'll spend our money at businesses that have some integrity.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 12:16 PM PDT  
another letter sent:

Hello Dunkin Donuts,
It has come to my attention that you have caved to a vocal band of bigoted right wing extremists such as Michelle Malkin, and pulled your internet ad showing Rachel Ray with a paisley scarf around her neck, because said radical bigots maintain that wearing such a scarf symbolizes support for Arab terrorists. Shame on you. With your cowtowing, you are in effect, supporting the notion that anyone who wears a kaffiyeh (which includes most Arabs as well as U.S. troops) are terrorists. I cannot and will not buy any further products from such a weak and principle-free company such as yours. Appeasing these extreme bigots merely encourages them to launch similar pitiful and meaningless campaigns. Dunkin Donuts will see no more of my well-earned dollars.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 12:53 PM PDT  
Well, the latest GOPeer crybaby rag fest is playing out, invective hurled plotz-like against imagined sprites and evil conspiracies lurking deep within their under utilized gray matter, but what does it matter? No late night crybaby calls to Dr. Rove, Maharishi Knucklehead, or any number of network bend-over buddies will clear the air from both the fetid stink of their pinhead invective nor the residual stank as a result of eight years of Boosh blunder and criminality. How to avoid four more years of the stupid progeny blunder courtesy of the man with the woman’s head and the curse of Nazi Boosh? No compromise, that’s what it takes. And what it takes is a piss, and all will behold that long, deep sound running down the back side of your local Repug retard (just like the country). As much as any sane thinking person wants to run and hide, it probably bellwethers better for all that we confront further repulsive and immature hormonal assaults that await any 22% rube or dupe stupid enough to buy the GOPeer magic beans or drink the Repug Kool-aid hence. Then we can rest assured, repose in idyllic compassion, apply topper, maliciously dump trash in Crawford, trim the Wax Leaf Privet, program the sprinklers, sprinkle on the nearest remaining conservative, and help the stubborn 22% don the ass hat on Election day. What says you?

Okay, you’re probably shaking your head, unable to comprehend words and ideas not regularly available in any recent copy of “Tom and Jerry”, so here’s the problem with the current occupant:

Unsuitable rage or difficulty controlling anger, i.e., repeated displays of annoyance, unvarying resentment, recurring physical battle with real or imagined enemies or “do-badders”.
Persistent “thoughts” of purposelessness or insignificance.
A prototype of unbalanced and extreme interpersonal interaction differentiated by alternating betwixt boundaries of glorification and deflation.
Individuality disorder: distinctly and doggedly unsound self-worth or sense of character.
Fleeting pressure related paranoid idea formation or relentless dissociative warning signs.
Sudden urges in at least two areas that are potentially self-damaging, i.e., promiscuous sex(not likely), eating disorders(crow), binge eating(Dik Chaney’s B.S.), substance abuse(booze/coke), personal sexual abuse(checked out Laura lately?), reckless driving(‘nuff said), etc..
Frequent desperate actions, gesticulations, threats, or self-mutilating conduct such as cutting, interfering with curing of scars(the country’s), or picking at oneself.
Frantic laboring to circumvent authentic or imagined desertion.
Emotional volatility owing to marked reactivity of disposition, i.e., severe episodic dysphasia(duh), petulance(any time he speaks), or angst, as a rule lasting a few hours and only rarely more than a few days.

Hey, I’m only here to help….
commented by Anonymous Carl Gordon, 5:27 PM PDT  
That guy should try decaf. But not at Dunkin' Donuts.
commented by Anonymous tata, 7:13 PM PDT  
Wait a minute...

Has anyone ever seen Arafat and Darth Robo's Grandma in the same room, at the same time? Oh My God! They're the same person!!!

Seriously though, stupid-ass boycotts really do work. If you'd like to make them work for you, go to OpenSecrets.org and look up what companies donated to the RNC, GOP, SOB - whatever, and write to tell them you're boycotting their company's products until you see they've donated more to Democrats. Because, um, you're a Christian and support the troops.

I know that seems like it won't work, but you'd have to be pretty damn dumb to give money to the GOP, so it follows that people that do are reasonably easy to fool into thinking that you're representative of tens of thousands of other people just because you sit around writing letters to companies.
commented by Anonymous Rex Devious, 8:08 PM PDT  
I added a blurb about your boycott to my blog entry here and sent the following note to Dunkin' Donuts corporate headquarters:

Add my name to the ever growing list of consumers who will choose McDonalds, Starbucks, or go without, rather than patronizing a Dunkin' Donuts location. To capitulate to racist bigots who imply that a scarf worn by pretty much every Arab in the world is on par with supporting terrorism, for god's sake, is to evidence the fact that, as a corporation, you are not endowed with the qualities required to be a responsible world citizen. The last thing we need in this country is another way to fan the flames of racism and misunderstanding against the Arab world.

I would, perhaps, reconsider my patronage if, at the very least, you reconsidered your reconsidering. Trust me: "those people" are not nearly as influential as they are LOUD.
commented by Anonymous Break the Terror, 1:19 AM PDT  
I have never eaten one of their apple donuts... but I want one more than anything. This must be how GW felt when he pretended to give up golf for the troops.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 2:13 AM PDT  
Lots of people seem to know nothing about the issues, but that unfortunately doesn’t stop them from desperately seeking attention.
While all of the useless bloviating about “protecting” Middle Eastern culture has been wasting bandwith, Dunkin’ Donuts has actually been DOING SOMETHING to invest in the lives of actual Middle Eastern people. Let us not forget that 100% of Dunkin’ Donuts shops are owned by independent franchisees, not a giant corporation. Many of these family franchises are owned by people of Middle Eastern descent. Gee—I wonder how they feel about your boycotting their business and taking food from their childrens mouths to “protect” them?
Dunkin’ has invested BIG TIME in Arab and other eastern countries to create wealth and jobs for people there. What have you done, aside from try to take away the livelihood of thousands of Middle Eastern families and that of North Americans of Middle Eastern descent with a mindless boycott?

Well, well, now. Here is just ONE example (and it was very easy to find, there are LOTS more):
Dunkin' Donuts opens biggest kitchen complex in Sharjah
Sharjah: Tue, 3 Jun 2008

Dunkin’ Donuts has opened the company's largest commercial kitchen and warehouse complex in the Middle East region in Sharjah. The complex, built on an area of 30,000 sq ft, is the company's biggest facility of its kind outside the US.
Sheikh Mohammed Saud Sultan Al Qasimi, chairman of the government of Sharjah Finance Department and proprietor of Continental Foods, owners of the Dunkin’ Donuts Franchise in the UAE, inaugurated the new facility.
Addressing a large gathering present at the opening ceremony, Sheikh Mohammed said Sharjah’s new Dh19 million ($5.17 million) Dunkin Donuts kitchen and warehouse complex will produce the full range of donuts in 50 different varieties and currently has the capacity to produce 50 million donuts per year.
He said that twice daily deliveries are made to the outlets around the country to ensure that customers receive their donuts absolutely fresh.
David Rodgers, Dunkin’ Donuts general manager noted that Dunkin’ Donuts had grown from one outlet in 1997 to 45 now covering the entire UAE. “This stupendous growth has necessitated the need for a much larger commercial kitchen facility,” he said.
“We have risen to be the most popular coffee & baked goods chain in the UAE serving high quality hot and cold beverages and fresh donuts,” remarked Rodgers.
Citing a recent customer survey, Rodgers stated that nearly half (47 per cent) of its clientele in the UAE comprised UAE nationals and Arab expatriates while Asians accounted for around 23 per cent of its customer base.
“Suitable for breakfast or as a snack at mid-morning or afternoon, our donuts are popular even among the Western expatriate population in the UAE as also the Filipino community,” he observed.
Today, Dunkin' Donuts is the world's largest coffee and baked goods chain, serving more than three million customers per day. Dunkin' Donuts sells 52 varieties of donuts and more than a dozen coffee beverages as well as other baked goods.
“Dunkin’ Donuts outlets are conveniently situated in all the major Shopping Malls. Outlining the popularity of the food chain worldwide,” Rodgers added.
“We plan to expand extensively throughout the UAE to ensure that our stores are conveniently located and within reach of everyone in the country,” he stressed.-TradeArabia News Service
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9:07 AM PDT  
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