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Saturday, May 24, 2008

it's bad when your enemies outnumber your friends

via c&l, we find that a fundraiser for john mclame (starring awol) has been moved to a smaller venue because promoters were afraid that the protesters to the event will outnumber the amount of paid participants. bizjournals:

a tuesday fundraiser headlined by president bush for u.s. sen. john mccain's presidential campaign is being moved out of the phoenix convention center.

sources familiar with the situation said the bush-mccain event was not selling enough tickets to fill the convention center space, and that there were concerns about more anti-war protesters showing up outside the venue than attending the fundraiser inside.

another source said there were concerns about the media covering the event.

bush's arizona fundraising effort for mccain is being moved to private residences in the phoenix area. a white house official said the event was being moved because the mccain campaign prefers private fundraisers and it is bush administration policy to have events in public venues open to the media. the white house official said to reconcile that the tuesday event will be held at a private venue and not the convention center.

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