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Sunday, May 18, 2008

environmental stories sunday

zones of death are spreading in oceans due to global warming. marine dead zones, where fish and other sea life can suffocate from lack of oxygen, are spreading across the world’s tropical oceans, a study has warned. - london times

dead water. too much nitrogen being washed into the sea is causing dead zones to spread alarmingly. - economist.

biotech companies rush to patent plant genes. biotech seed companies are behind a wave of patent claims on dozens of 'climate-ready' genes. - nature.

plans for new coal plants under fire. protesters are to launch one of the hardest-hitting environmental campaigns for more than a decade over plans to build a new generation of coal-fired power stations in the uk. london observer

inupiat sue to fend off danger of offshore oil. as mayor of alaska's wealthy north slope borough, edward itta is keenly attuned to the importance of oil, but his enthusiasm for the industry plummets when conversation shifts to offshore extraction. -ap.

chinese flee flood threat from quake. thousands of earthquake survivors fled tent camps and villages in sw china after the government warned that several lakes and rivers were getting dangerously close to overflowing because landslides have blocked water flow. the official death toll is now nearly 29,000. - new york times

water adds to worries in china's quake-hit sichuan. there is water everywhere in china's quake-ravaged sichuan province, where rain is hampering rescue efforts and reservoirs are pressing against weakened dams. but for some people there is not a drop to drink. - reuters.

effects of tce still a haunting mystery. a subterranean chemical plume -- thought to be latent under layers of dirt, asphalt and cement -- was found to be pushing toxic gases through the foundations of hundreds of buildings south of the ibm campus in the heart of the village. binghamton press & sun-bulletin

world’s poor pay price as crop research is cut. damage from the brown plant hopper, threatening the diets of many poor people and occurring at a time of scarcity and high prices, could have been prevented. researchers say budget cuts prevented them from doing so. - new york times.

one country’s table scraps, another country’s meal. americans waste an astounding amount of food — an estimated 27 percent of the food available for consumption, according to a government study. it works out to about a pound of food every day for every american. - new york times.

how secure is our food supply? the price of rice is rising. wheat is in short supply. bees are dying. what's next? vancouver sun

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