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Saturday, May 31, 2008

skippy's saturday nite music club

a blast from the past

dinah shore & peggy lee - i got rhythm

these two ladies get it done!


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and the snarky use of the passive agressive voice, too

mark kleiman points out that the mclame campaign mistakes bad math for bad grammar:

in mccain world, 155,000 = 132,000.

or maybe the present tense is equivalent to the future tense.

or maybe 144,000 = 132,000 and the present tense is equivalent to the future tense.

or something.
when the obama campaign pointed out that mclame was 100% wrong in stating that the troop presence in iraq is now at "pre-surge level," the mclame people fired back. progressive politics examiner:

what was perhaps even more unsettling was the mccain campaign's reaction to today's flare up. no acknowledgment of an error. in fact, the mccain camp offered some crazy explanation that mccain's gaffe was all about "verb tense" (verb tense? does that mean it's not succeeding yet but will at some point? we're not down to pre-surge levels but someday we will? iraqi cities will be quiet someday?)
so mclame apparently is confusing mathematics with grammar.

or else he thinks that time travel is as simple conjugating verbs.

i are have killed you, but i have be borned yet.

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half measures

tho we know a half and half to be movie popcorn w/butter sprinkled in the middle before filling the bag full, it also applies to the dnc's approach to michigan and florida delegates.

no, we don't mean both oral and vaginal sex, tho hillary clinton might think she's getting screwed by the deal. in this case, half and half means exactly how much of the two errant states' delegate votes will count in the convention in denver come august. asspress:

democratic party officials agreed saturday to seat michigan and florida delegates with half-votes, ruling on a long-running dispute that has threatened the party's chances in november and maintaining barack obama's front-runner status as he moves closer to the nomination.

the decision was a blow to hillary rodham clinton as she was on the verge of watching obama make history as the first black democratic presidential nominee. it prompted an irate reaction from boisterous clinton supporters in the audience and her chief delegate counter, harold ickes.

ickes angrily informed the party's rules committee that clinton had instructed him to reserve her right to appeal the matter to the democrats' credentials committee, which could potentially drag the matter to the party's convention in august.

"there's been a lot of talk about party unity — let's all come together, and put our arms around each other," said ickes, who is also a member of the rules committee that approved the deal. "i submit to you ladies and gentlemen, hijacking four delegates ... is not a good way to start down the path of party unity."
we're not sure if ickes is the same guy who thinks reptillian illuminati controls the earth, but we're tired of him in any case.

addendum: via c&l, here's the blow by blow account from marc ambinder of today's meeting.

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down the penrose lane


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talk about splitting the party

abel maldonado is running as both a republican and democrat here in california...
state sen. abel maldonado, a santa maria republican, has turned in enough signatures to qualify as a write-in candidate in the democratic primary june 3, a move his write-in democratic opponent, attorney dennis morris of pismo beach, calls “astonishing.” - sanluisobispo.com

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Friday, May 30, 2008

skippy's friday nite music club

our fav music video of all time...

r.e.m. - losing my religion


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a question about donuts deserves an a.n.s.w.e.r.

eli of left i on the news lets us know that a.n.s.w.e.r. is jumping on our boycott dunkin' donuts bandwagon (tho truthfully, it's probably a different yet similar bandwagon, and a.n.s.w.e.r. hasn't even heard of skippy, thank god).

you can go to their website and send an email to dunkin' donuts' corporate offices, expressing your displeasure at dd's craven capitulation to the right-wing bigoted vapors.

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quote of the day

html mencken (one of our all time fav pseudonyms in blogtopia and yes, we coined that phrase), writing on sadly, no! about blogging from the dem convention in denver:

so now, i’ll have to go to denver and blog from the “big tent” (i knew armando’s ego was huge, but large enough to contain a whole media facility?)
but speaking of credentials (and sorry to rub it in, html), but congrats to our buds at the group news blog for getting blogging credentials for the convention!

addendum: show me progress didn't make the cut, either!

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precious sh** batman!

who needs to import the stuff...doesn't austin have plenty?

peru guards its guano as demand soars again. surging prices for synthetic fertilizers and organic foods are shifting attention to guano, an organic fertilizer once found in abundance on islands off the coast of peru. - nytimes

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rook* made me do it...

just when i think i'm about to break completely free from political blogging, he goes and writes an excellent post concerning scott mcclellan's new book -- and drags my @$$ right back into the fray. good heavens, i'm having a godfather III moment here:

...now, a lot of people are questioning scott's motive for his disclosure at this time. however, his motive is not the issue. what is important is the unintended consequences of his book. or maybe not so unintended consequences. regardless of scott's monetary gain with the release of this book it appears to be a public display of personal introspection; a process that hopefully scott's example indicates has begun in our nation and will spur others to mirror.

perhaps the collective visceral shock our nation experienced after september 11, 2001 has finally cleared and we are now recognizing the consequences of the bush administration's knee-jerk reaction. often, after a great shock, people have a tendency to lash out in an effort to protect themselves from further hurt. unfortunately, that means those people who normally are our support and comfort are driven away. and when we finally see that consequence, are aware of its damaging effects, it's still difficult to acknowledge -- both to ourselves and to those important in our lives -- our behavior.


now, to beg the question; is our country awakening and preparing to return to its core set of beliefs about individual freedom and basic rights? if scott's book is any indication, we just might be, we just might be.

having done more than my own fair share of lashing out in recent months, i really hope rook is right. maybe a national valium day would be in order...

(*: speaking of rook, he and i are presently locked in a chess match. it is beginning to turn ugly. wanna watch?)

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

skippy's thursday nite music club

dave matthews band - tripping billies


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rip harvey korman

harvey korman, the man who arguably gave the best cinematic comic performance of the latter half of the 20th century (as hedley lamar in blazing saddles) has died at the age of 81. asspress:

a natural second banana, korman gained attention on "the danny kaye show," appearing in skits with the star. he joined the show in its second season in 1964 and continued until it was canceled in 1967. that same year he became a cast member in the first season of "the carol burnett show."

his most memorable film role was as the outlandish hedley lamarr (who was endlessly exasperated when people called him hedy) in mel brooks' 1974 western satire, "blazing saddles."
korman won four emmies for his work on the carol burnett show, where he worked w/burnett as well as tim conway and vicki lawrence.

the show ran for 10 years and is still considered today to be one the highlights of televised sketch comedy. here's the famous dentist skit where both harvey and tim can't help themselves from cracking up, which in itself was funnier than the actual jokes:

rest in peace, harvey korman.


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fox fraud

the brad blog points out that faux news is asking viewers to send in tips about voter fraud. brad blog suggests we mention annthrax coulter:

well, you heard 'em, kids. fox is looking for voter fraud! feel free to email them this link: http://www.bradblog.com/coulterfraud documenting the no-uncertain-terms case of ann coulter having committed voter fraud in palm beach county, florida!

fox would love to hear from you at: voterfraud@foxnews.com. feel free to let 'em know i sent you, in case they have any further questions. i'll be happy to speak to them, and help 'em root out those voter fraud criminals!

btw, fox & friends, at least, already knows about coulter's voter fraud, since they called me last year to ask me to appear on their morning show to talk about it after liz smith ran an item on the matter in murdoch's ny post pointing to brad blog's coverage...

the appearance was scuttled, however, when, for some reason, ms. coulter was just unable to clear her schedule to make it there to appear along with me. what a surprise, eh? of course, fox finally chose not to run anything at all on the matter, despite the miles of documentation proving that ann coulter, absolutely, committed voter fraud in palm beach county.
also, brad blog interviews joe wilson about a possible subpoena for karl rove.

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donuts go nuts

our call for a boycott against dunkin' donuts (for being weasly little poopy-pantsers in the face of michelle malkin's implied threats) is picking up steam!

distributorcapny sent this letter:

dunkin' brands, inc.
130 royall st.
canton, ma 02021

will a. kussell, president & cheif brand officer
catherine saar, director of brand marketing

i am deeply disturbed that you have chosen to pull your advertisement featuring rachael ray in a scarf due to the views and opinions of an extremist bigot like michelle malkin. just to remind you, ms. malkin is also the same person who gave out the home address of a small child because he spoke up in favor of the s-chip health insurance law in an advertisement, a bill that ms. malkin was vehemently against.

is dunkin donuts management really that ignorant and easily manipulated as to think that when americans see a frilly black and white scarf worn by ms. ray, they immediately conjure up images of arab terrorism? this is irrational corporate behavior taken to an extreme i have not seen since p&g had to defend their corporate logo (about the 666 symbol) several years back. as a matter of fact it is downright scary that dunkin donuts would allow themselves to be victimized by such racist behavior. what's next – you cannot use arabica coffee beans because of the word "arab" in the name of the bean?

considering i feel your actions are completely unwarranted and actually quite ridiculous, and being that i have many choices of coffee and donuts in the morning, i have chosen to take my business to another retailer. i do not feel i can continue to be a customer of a company that is easily bullied into siding with racist bigots like michelle malkin. perhaps if you publicly reconsider your position and denounce ms. malkin's idiotic statement, i will reconsider my choice in coffee. in addition, i will also stop purchasing baskin-robbins ice cream, who knows what terror groups rocky road might be signaling?

other skippy readers have joined in with their own letters. and a big thanks goes out to mike's blog round up at c&l as well as our good buddy dave johnson of seeing the forest for linking to our call to arms!

addendum: add whallah! to the list of folks blogging about our boycott! and here's the letter rob of laughing at the pieces wrote to dunkin'!

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say hello

to center face, who brings us this great picture of christians:



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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

skippy's wednesday nite music club

journey - don't stop believing

yeah, we know it's journey...but they're doing don't stop believing!


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time to stop buying the donuts - an action alert!

two can play at this game.

michelle malkin led the hardly-ever-right wing charge to threaten dunkin' donuts w/a boycott because an online ad for the chain featured rachel ray wearing a scarf.

that's right. a scarf.

malkin and her ilk (or would that be her "alk"?) claim that the scarf, which looks nothing like yasser arafat's kaffiyeh, looks exactly like yasser arafat's kaffiyeh.

you be the judge:

rachel ray, terrorist

yasser arafat, donut lover

dunkin' donuts caved, and pulled the ad. but as epicurious.com points out:

of course, malkin glosses over the fact that the kaffiyeh is a staple of arab wardrobes all over the middle east (jordanians prefer red-and-white ones, kuwaitis all-white ones, etc.), not simply among those using violent means to create a palestinian state. simply saying that anyone who wears a kaffiyeh is demonstrating solidarity with islamic terrorists is like saying anyone who wears a beret believes in cuban-style communism as espoused by che guevara. true, arafat made it his trademark, but it's critical to remember that to a vast number of arabs, the kaffiyeh's basically just another kind of hat, and that to equate kaffiyeh-wearers with terrorists sets a dangerous precedent in a country that should have learned by now the pitfalls of underestimating the complexities of arab (and muslim) cultures.

unless, of course, malkin actually is saying that all kaffiyeh-wearing arabs are jihadists and terrorists, which is certainly something she'd conceivably say.

not, of course, that i'm defending rachael ray, who probably holds the record for the most negative comments on epi-log. or arafat, who treated the 2000 camp david negotiations with ehud barak like a haggling session in a souk and perhaps singlehandedly dashed hopes for peace in the middle east. or dunkin' donuts, though i am very attached to my dunkin' donuts coffee mug ....
so by acquiescing to malkin's bigoted demands, dunkin' donuts itself has acted in a bigoted manner, eg, implying that all people who wear a kaffiyeh are to be suspected of terrorism.

we say, what's good for the batshit insane is good for the logical.

here's dunkin' donuts contact form. why not email them and let them know that you will no longer be buying their donuts or coffee or any product because their actions, at worst, in effect condemn all who wear scarves, and at best, are just plain looney?

be nice...and point out what epicurious says...a kaffiyeh is merely a piece of wardrobe worn by most people in the arab world, and to ascribe a political philosophy to its usage is moronic.

and we don't need to buy from moronic corporations.

addendum: here's the text of skippy's email:


i just learned you have pulled a rachel ray internet ad because some people, including right-wing pundit michelle malkin, have expressed concern that the scarf ms. ray is wearing looks like a kaffiyeh, which they see as a symbol of islamic terrorism.

first of all, a scarf in and of itself is not a kaffiyeh. if you look closely, you'll notice a paisley print in ms. ray's scarf, and i doubt seriously that paisley falls within the accepted purview of terrorist symbolism.

as you probably are aware, a kaffiyeh is little more than an article of clothing worn by practically everybody in the arabic world, and to ascribe a political philosophy to it is akin to saying that whoever wears red is a communist.

your knee-jerk reaction is simplistic at best, bigoted at worst, and moronic no matter how you look at it.

consider this my pledge that i will no longer patronize any dunkin' donuts store, buy any dunkin' donuts products, or even say nice things about such a gutless and bigoted corporation such as yours.

boy, are you guys cowardly, or at least stupid.

no more of my dollars will you see.
and here's their snail mail and phone #:

dunkin' donuts consumer care
130 royall street
canton, ma 02021
tel: 800-859-5339
double addendum: apparently john mccain's daughter meghan is a terrorist, too!

double addendum: letters are being written! update here!

triple addendum: a.n.s.w.e.r. also calls for a boycott!

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environmental stories....

you might have missed.

rising lead, crime linked. a new study from the university of cincinnati suggests that there's a connection between young children with high levels of lead in their blood and whether they commit crimes as adults. - cincinnati enquirer

exposé: chemicals in food. if not for the work of a muckraking journalist a century ago, the fda might never have existed. now, with information from investigative journalists, the senate is challenging the fda to back up legislation on bisphenol a. - bill moyers' journal

get used to high food costs, water shortages. shocked by rising food prices? get used to it -- and be ready for water shortages, too, says a sweeping new scientific report on climate change in the united states over the next half-century. - seattle pi

auction off the right to pollute. all three presidential candidates are in support of cap-and-trade, but a closer look shows views differ on how polluter permits should be allocated. - marketplace.

children who lived in katrina trailers may face lifelong ailments. doctors fear that tens of thousands of youngsters may face lifelong health problems because the temporary housing supplied by fema contained formaldehyde fumes up to five times the safe level. - ap

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get well card

we wish the best to libby spencer of newshoggers who is recovering from surgery to remove a malignant tumor from her neck!

take some time off, libby, and screw blogging! get well soon!


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plus, world war two was really, really bad! who'd a thunk!

we agree w/the rude pundit, who doesn't give scott mcclellan any props for writing a book that disses the awol admin:

what's been revealed so far from mcclellan's book will be greeted by anyone paying attention for the last few years with, "yeah, what else ya got?" the administration launched a propaganda campaign to sell the war? the not-really-liberal-at-all media didn't do its job in the run-up to the war or after? "the iraq war was not necessary"? rove and libby lied about the outing of valeria plame? bush was a complete dunderhead when it came to hurricane katrina? really, scotty? at this point, is there still wool that needs to be pulled from someone's eyes? we're all about ten steps ahead of mcclellan by now. jesus, at least give us something new, like, say, cheney threatening to have libby's cats gutted if scooter didn't take the fall.

the rude pundit ain't in a forgiving mood when it comes to lackeys and co-conspirators in the bush administration. mcclellan doesn't get to say, as he does in the book, "the collapse of the administration’s rationales for war, which became apparent months after our invasion, should never have come as such a surprise." not when he said, in late january 2004, months after the invasion, regarding the chimeric weapons of mass destruction, "yes, we believe he had them, and yes, we believe they will be found. we believe the truth will come out." no, the little bulldog bitch who every day snarled at the press, even when caught in outright lies, does not get the bounty of fulsome forgiveness.

hopefully, the book will tank, and mcclellan will be reduced to blowing hannity for nickels. screw this obsequious pig-fucking son of a bitch, this grubby little man-whore, attempting to purge his soul of the taint and stench of death and sorrow while pulling in a buck or two. he's not honorable enough to have fallen on his sword, rhetorically or literally. and he's not even loyal enough to have shut the fuck up (at least an admirable quality in the abstract). he deserves a room in hell lined with televisions playing his sneering statements of complicity on an endless loop while he's forced to sit on a couch made of the bloated corpses of katrina victims. way too little, way, way too late, you miserable bucket of spooge.
exactly our feelings. when we heard that scotty boy had written a book which essentially said everything that all of blogtopia (and yes, we coined that phrase) had been saying for the last 5 years, we yawned.

we were reminded of the rapper who, when hearing that george harrison dissed rap music, said "hey, it's george harrison. now if it had been john lennon or paul mccartney, it might have meant something."

wake us up when ari fleischer turns his coat.

addendum: the moderate voice sez the discrediting of mclellan has already begun.

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bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb


awol plans iran air strike by august
the george w bush administration plans to launch an air strike against iran within the next two months, an informed source tells asia times online, echoing other reports that have surfaced in the media in the united states recently. two key us senators briefed on the attack planned to go public with their opposition to the move, according to the source, but their projected new york times op-ed piece has yet to appear. the source, a retired us career diplomat and former assistant secretary of state still active in the foreign affairs community, speaking anonymously, said last week that the us plans an air strike against the iranian revolutionary guards corps (IRGC). The air strike would target the headquarters of the irgc's elite quds force. - asia times

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

skippy's tuesday nite music club

billy idol - eyes without a face


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rip sidney pollack & dick martin

sidney pollack, the oscar-winning director and producer of some of the biggest hit movies of the past three decades, passed away this weekend at age 73. asspress:

in a tireless career spanning nearly five decades, pollack distinguished himself as a true professional: a director, a producer and an actor. his greatest successes as a director — 1982's "tootsie" and 1985's "out of africa" — came years ago, but he showed no signs of slowing down.

he was executive producer of the new hbo film "recount" about the 2000 presidential election, and he produced two high-profile films not yet in theaters: kenneth lonergan's "margaret" and stephen daldry's "the reader."

on tuesday, hollywood mourned the loss of the well-liked, prolific filmmaker. he had worked with seemingly every a-list star in the business, from robert mitchum to al pacino. but pollack collaborated with robert redford more than any other — seven films, including "out of africa," 1973's "the way we were," 1975's "three days of the condor" and 1979's "the electric horseman."

"sydney's and my relationship both professionally and personally covers 40 years," redford said. "it's too personal to express in a sound bite."
pollack's films distinguished themselves as always being high-end hollywood productions that nonetheless were always accessable by america. there was nothing highbrow or pretentious about his work.

and, having started out as an actor himself, pollack was an actor's director and an actor's actor. along w/redford, the biggest stars in movies countd him as one of their best collaborators in their careers. tom cruise (the firm), george clooney (michael clayton), barbra streisand (the way we were), paul newman (absence of malice), jane fonda (they shoot horses, don't they?) and hosts of others did some of their best work either under pollack's directorial hand, or thanks to his producing skills, or along side of his acting talent.

our favorite acting moment by pollack was in tootsie where he played dustin hoffman's long-suffering agent, when hoffman, dressed in drag to get a part, confronts him in the russian tea room, he pleads, "michael, i begged you to get therapy."

sidney pollack was one of a vanishing breed, a director/producer who made movies for the audiences and not the studios. we will miss him.

also passing this weekend was dick martin, half the comedy team who brought america rowen and martin's laugh-in. hollywood reporter:

dick martin, who died saturday from respiratory complications in santa monica at age 86, will naturally always be remembered for what he did while partnering with dan rowan on "rowan & martin's laugh-in."

forty years after its 1968 premiere, it's difficult now to recall the degree to which the raucous and brazen comedy-variety hour shook the status quo during that tumultuous year in america's social history and during the four years that followed. but it was massive. and as the adorable dork to rowan's sophisticated straight man, martin was the effervescent straw that stirred the stream-of-consciousness melange.

unlike tom and dick smothers, rowan and martin lent no political sensibility to "laugh-in." they were almost like a vaudeville warm-up act. it turned out to be the right move. martin, in the guise of irrepressible oaf, embodied a certain restrained genius for which he rarely received proper credit.
indeed, laugh-in was the first show to deconstruct sketch comedy into a series of staccato quick cut punchlines, increasing the pace of television content tenfold. laugh-in's lack of comedy beginnings, middles and endings pre-dated monty python by six years, and most every comedy show since then owes dick martin (and dan rowan) a debt of thanks.

say goodnight, dick.


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to quote duncan again....

u.s. home prices dropped at the sharpest rate in two decades during the first quarter, a closely watched index showed tuesday, a somber indication that the housing slump continues to deepen. - ap


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Monday, May 26, 2008

skippy's memorial day music club

harry nilsson - remember

the video is but a series of stills of nilsson, plus some shots from the flick you've got mail, in which this song played an important part.

but the melody and lyrics, combined w/harry's plaintive voice, makes for a haunting feeling about the ethereal quality of memory, and how it is the only thing that helps us keel all of that and all of those who have passed, in our hearts.

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in memorandum

the brad blog/ observes memorial day by listing the names of all american military troops who have died in iraq and afghanistan.

here are the names a - d

e - k

l - r

s - z

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

skippy's sunday nite music club

deanna durbin - largo al factotum

from the film for the love of mary, here's the divine ms. durbin lending her soprano vocals to a usually-tenor aria, as she explains her own comic interpretation of the barber of seville.

she looks quite fetching in a moustache.


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i contacted comcast

i said they should quit carrying fox news because one of their reporters suggested it would be great if obama was killed. america doesn't need this kind of trash on tv.

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

skippy's saturday nite music club

the juicy fruits - goodbye, eddie, goodbye

this is the opening number from the best brian de palma film ever, phantom of the paradise.

potp (1974) manages to spoof rock and roll music, the recording industry, horror films, the faust legend, and movies in general. darkly comic and far ahead of its time (making fun of the band kiss the same year they began recording, spoofing meatloaf and goth music years before those were popular), phantom starred paul williams, who also wrote the faux rock songs, including this doo-wop 50's number about a rock singer who deliberately kills himself so his songs would hit the top of the charts.


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phoenix freeway blogger

the freeway blogger found a disciple getting ready for awol's visit to mclame's fundraiser.

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but an assassination joke on top of a malignant brain tumor report, now that's comedy!

q: which is more disgusting for making bad taste remarks about the tragedies befalling the kennedy family, michael savage or hillary clinton?

a: hillary, because as a democrat she should know better.

sure, michael savage played a montage of dead kennedy songs w/schwarzenegger's "it's not a brain tumor" line (from kindergarden cop) on his radio show the day after ted kennedy's terrible diagnosis was announced. but he's a repubbblican, and a screeching head pundit at that. we expect that sort of thing from slime like him.

but what was hillary's excuse?

“my husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the california primary somewhere in the middle of june, right?” she said. “we all remember bobby kennedy was assassinated in june in california.”
when mrs. skippy heard that, she asked what the hell hillary was trying to say. "we've got a hit out on him and we're just waiting?" mrs. skippy mused.

indeed, it's hard to read that line and come up with any other interpretation. nytimes:

it was against that backdrop that mrs. clinton’s mentioning the kennedy assassination in the same breath as her own political fate struck some as going too far. representative james e. clyburn of south carolina, an uncommitted superdelegate, said through a spokeswoman that the comments were “beyond the pale.”

the speed at which the remarks were transmitted and reacted to illustrated the new reality candidates are grappling with in this year’s campaign, in which mr. obama’s own remarks about “bitter” small-town voters ricocheted around the internet.

mrs. clinton’s remarks were initially reported online by the new york post, whose reporters were not traveling with the clinton campaign but were instead watching a live video feed of the meeting with newspaper editors. its report quickly jumped to the drudge report, then whipped around the internet and on television, with outraged comments piling up on web sites.

campaign aides were taken aback by the quick reaction to her remarks, but then quickly realized that mrs. clinton had to backpedal. she then spoke to the traveling press corps for the first time in more than a week, at a supermarket here.

“earlier today i was discussing the democratic primary history and in the course of that discussion mentioned the campaigns that both my husband and senator kennedy waged in california in june, in 1992 and 1968,” she said. “and i was referencing those to make the point that we have had nomination primary contests that go into june. that’s a historic fact.”
even if we took sen. clinton at her word about historical referencing, there would be no feasible reason to mention assassination if she's talking about candidacy races which lasted into june. maybe races that ended in june, but still...

the nypost points out how inappropriate it is to make assassination remarks about the first african american front-runner for a presidential candidacy:

any comments about assassination and the primary contest are especially sensitive because obama is the first african-american to advance so far in the race for the white house and he has faced threats, congressional sources have said.

the rev. al sharpton, who has already expressed anger toward clinton during the race, planned to spend his rally today at his harlem-based national action network addressing "a sense of outrage and dismay at statements made by" the new york senator, according to his office.
and tho sen. clinton has apologized, her remarks have stirred things up to the point where keith olbermann even has a special comment about it:

she actually said those words.

those words, senator?

you actually invoked the nightmare of political assassination.

you actually invoked the specter of an inspirational leader, at the seeming moment of triumph, for himself and a battered nation yearning to breathe free, silenced forever.

you actually used the word "assassination" in the middle of a campaign with a loud undertone of racial hatred - and gender hatred - and political hatred.

you actually used the word "assassination" in a time when there is a fear, unspoken but vivid and terrible, that our again-troubled land and fractured political landscape might target a black man running for president.

or a white man.

or a white woman!

you actually used those words, in this america, senator, while running against an african-american against whom the death threats started the moment he declared his campaign?
we have not been happy with how sen. clinton has conducted her campaign in recent weeks, but this takes the cake.

even if we give her the benefit of every doubt in the world, and assume she had no clue that what she was saying would be taken so intensely as negative, she is still incredibly insensitive to current events, ie, sen. kennedy's recently diagnosed brain tumor, as well as large amounts of racial divisiveness that her campaign has helped to propagate.

it will be interesting to see how she crawls out from under this one.

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it's bad when your enemies outnumber your friends

via c&l, we find that a fundraiser for john mclame (starring awol) has been moved to a smaller venue because promoters were afraid that the protesters to the event will outnumber the amount of paid participants. bizjournals:

a tuesday fundraiser headlined by president bush for u.s. sen. john mccain's presidential campaign is being moved out of the phoenix convention center.

sources familiar with the situation said the bush-mccain event was not selling enough tickets to fill the convention center space, and that there were concerns about more anti-war protesters showing up outside the venue than attending the fundraiser inside.

another source said there were concerns about the media covering the event.

bush's arizona fundraising effort for mccain is being moved to private residences in the phoenix area. a white house official said the event was being moved because the mccain campaign prefers private fundraisers and it is bush administration policy to have events in public venues open to the media. the white house official said to reconcile that the tuesday event will be held at a private venue and not the convention center.

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what did you pay today?

in the jewelry rattling section of town, they're shelling out some green....
in montecito, a filling station which is one of the few left to offer full service has definitely set a record with their $5.64 a gallon for full service premium unleaded. the prices jumped a whooping 40 cents in one day. if you're ok with filling your own tank be prepared to still pay over $5, the self serve premium is at $5.19 a gallon. - keyt


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Friday, May 23, 2008

skippy's friday nite music club

for the weird weather in socal and skippy's alma mater of colo state in ft. collins, colorado:

garbage - only happy when it rains


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da buzz on da buzzing off bees

pesticides: germany bans chemicals linked to honeybee devastation. the german federal office of consumer protection and food safety has suspended the registration for eight pesticide seed treatment products used in rapeseed oil and sweetcorn. - london guardian

honeybee loss. a few weeks after honeybee keepers in the southern german state of baden württemberg reported a wave of sudden honeybee deaths, federal authorities have ordered a suspension on the sale and trafficking of clothianidin-based pesticides. - chemical & engineering news.

germany suspends pesticide approvals after mass death of bees. the german office for consumer protection and food safety (bvl) has reportedly suspended the approval for eight pesticides after the mass death of bees in one state. - all headline news

the mystery of b.c.'s dying bees. something unknown killed 30 per cent of british columbia's bees over the winter, throwing fruit production into turmoil. - toronto globe & mail

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kangaroo blogging friday

kangaroo island kangaroo
Originally uploaded by halloo9
come here and let me kiss you!
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Thursday, May 22, 2008

skippy's thursday nite music club

rilo kiley - the moneymaker


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just paid $4.22 today

Originally uploaded by santa barbarian
makes me dream about days gone by.
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this fire isn't a banana slug

but is raging out of control in the home of them....
a wind-whipped wildfire burning out of control threatened several homes in the santa cruz mountains this morning, closing schools and prompting some evacuations.

the blaze, first reported around 5:30 a.m., had grown to more than 1,700 acres by midmorning and was completely uncontained, according to the california department of forestry and fire protection. the flames sent a thick cloud of smoke into the air that could be seen miles away.the fire is in the mountain range that separates santa cruz and santa clara counties, and the rural area is dotted with homes. at least 20 homes were threatened by the blaze, said chris morgan, a state fire prevention specialist. - latte times

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

he said, 'war is always the same, sir'...

and then he closed the door...


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skippy's wednesday nite music club

we're pulling for david cook to win tonite's american idol, but we have to be honest, we think archuleta will pull it off, especially after this from last night:

david archuleta - don't let the sun go down on me

addendum: much to our surprise (because archuleta did so well last night), david cook won! so here he is from an earlier show, with an interesting take on michael jackson's hit:

david cook - billie jean


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don't forget the bigot vote

via a comment by cervantes on lawyers, guns & money (via the sideshow), here's tom tomorrow's take on the clinton campaign strategy.

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hardly ball

mediabloodhound thinks chris matthews showed a bit of the journalist he could be when matthews drilled radio host kevin james on the repetition of gop talking points, and mbh wishes matthews would actually practice journalism more often:

james had every reason to think he could repeat the words "appeaser" and "appeasement," like an infant content to utter a new phrase over and over again, with little more than a pat on the head by matthews.

and that's the underlying issue here: shouldn't we be just as troubled, or even more troubled, by james' confidence he'd receive a free pass than by the fact that he was pushing such propaganda? doesn't the overwhelming attention to this one incident also underscore its uncommon occurrence?

so while matthews certainly deserves credit for upending such a duplicitous political narrative, it's not enough for him to bask in this all-too-rare instance and then allow a roster of other guests - most notably, bigger fish in the pond than kevin james - to reappear on his show and push similar false frames without recourse.

matthews can't have it both ways: he can't claim to be "tough" while only stomping on the occasional lightweight.

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oh boy...

not good.
despite more than $22 million in repairs, a levee that broke with catastrophic effect during hurricane katrina is leaking again because of the mushy ground on which new orleans was built, raising serious questions about the reliability of the city's flood defenses.

outside engineering experts who have studied the project told the associated press that the type of seepage spotted at the 17th street canal in the lakeview neighborhood afflicts other new orleans levees, too, and could cause some of them to collapse during a storm. - ap

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parroting the political talking heads...

yes you can


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send a get well soon card to sen. kennedy

tho we personally think "get well soon" may not be the appropriate sentiment in cases of malignant brain tumors, we do encourage people sharing their feelings and thoughts w/sen. kennedy and his family.

moveon.org has an online card here that you can sign, and sen. kerry will hand-deliver it.

let sen. kennedy know he is in your thoughts and prayers.

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hate speech

steveaudio finds what the hardly-ever-right wing thinks about sen. kennedy's illness, and it ain't pretty.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

skippy's tuesday nite music club

carrie underwood & rascal flatts - god bless the broken road

in honor of both acts winning their respective categories sunday nite at the country music awards, carrie for best female vocalist and the flatts for best vocal group...


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malkin after midnight

we agree w/trex, who agrees w/sadly, no! michelle malkin is reaping what she sowed:

michelle, let me break this down for you.

the biggest problem with the republican party is that they’ve spent far too much time associating themselves with sociopaths such as yourself. you make them look bad. really, really bad. to recap some of your greatest hits: and so on and so forth. what it boils down to, michelle, is that you’re a rotten human being. and i don’t mean that in a general, “oh-you-disagree-with-me-on-policy-issues-so-i-don’t-like-you” sort of way: i mean that you go out of your way to hurt people on a very personal level, and you seem to get a big kick out of doing it. no political party, no matter how crazy it is, wants to be seen as the party of sadistic and vicious assholes. the fact that you have no one to vote for in this upcoming election is a major victory for the forces of decency and sanity in this country. may every election henceforth follow the same pattern.

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in the land of $1.2 million median priced homes

and the location of oprah's $50million dollar "love shack"....there are signs that not all is well.

harvey was forced into homelessness this year after being laid off. she said that three-quarters of her income went to paying rent in santa barbara, where the median house in the scenic oceanfront city costs more than $1 million.

she lost her condo two months ago and had little savings as backup. "it went to hell in a handbasket," she said. "i didn't think this would happen to me. it's just something that i don't think that people think is going to happen to them, is what it amounts to. it happens very quickly, too."

harvey now works part time for $8 an hour, and she draws social security to help make ends meet. but she still cannot afford an apartment, and so every night she pulls into a gated parking lot to sleep in her car, along with other women who find
themselves in a similar predicament. there are 12 parking lots across santa barbara that have been set up to accommodate the growing middle-class homelessness. these lots are believed to be part of the first program of its kind in the united states, according to organizers. - cnn

welcome to my world.

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sad news for democracy

sen. ted kennedy has been diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. asspress:

sen. edward m. kennedy was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor tuesday in what could be the grim final chapter in a life marked by exhilarating triumph and shattering tragedy. some experts gave the liberal lion less than a year to live.

doctors discovered the tumor after the 76-year-old senator and sole surviving son of america's most storied political family suffered a seizure over the weekend. the diagnosis cast a pall over capitol hill, where the massachusetts democrat has served since 1962, and came as a shock to a family all too accustomed to sudden, calamitous news.
not good news for obama, whose candidacy was endorsed early on by kennedy. cnn:

obama, the front-runner for the democratic nomination for president, said the news about kennedy is "heartbreaking." watch more of the interview »

it's our job now to support him in the way that the supported us for so many years. he's not just a great senator, he is a great friend. he is beloved by me and beloved by colleagues," obama added.

clinton, speaking on the campaign trail, called the news "very difficult."

"obviously, he's a fighter. there isn't anybody like him. he gets up and goes out and does battle on behalf of all of us every single day. and i know he's a fighter when it comes to the challenges he's facing right now," she added. watch clinton speak about her colleague »
this is indeed distressing news for all americans, let alone democrats and progressives. sen. kennedy was tireless in championing the poor and the down-trodden as well as the middle class and regular joe.

we at skippy international wish him and his family the best.

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mad about war

mad kane, that is!


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Monday, May 19, 2008

skippy's monday nite music club

jesus and mary chain - her way of praying


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down the penrose lane



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siegelman speaks

and "some" should listen.

...."i think this will make watergate look like child’s play when it is fully investigated, not so much this case because certainly it’s not about me. it’s about restoring justice and protecting our democracy and, because this case shows the lengths to which those who are obsessed with power will go in order to gain power or retain power, it has attracted the attention of the national press.

this was a pernicious, political plan that was set in motion by karl rove to further his espoused dream of establishing a permanent republican majority in this country, and what he left out was by any means necessary. - the anniston star via think progress and talk left

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2041...an environmental swan's song?

a beautiful boat...an amazing adventure...an inspirational goal, a "swan's song" of sorts...

the yacht known as 2041 blew into the harbor on sunday, may 18, in the first leg of its five-year voyage to promote sustainability, a strategy devised by polar explorer robert swan, whose lecture tour will shadow the yacht as they both travel around the world. the highly entertaining brit spoke at the santa barbara maritime museum on sunday, and will speak at ucsb on wednesday, may 21. he first came to international attention after leading a 900-mile antarctic hike to the south pole without benefit of such high-tech amenities as radio or other communications or navigational devices, just sextants. his yacht’s name refers to the year when an international
treaty that put a moratorium on mining and drilling in the antarctic is due to expire.
swan does not want to see mining resume in the antarctic
because of the environmental damage it would wreak.

...after swan’s talk, the audience trooped down to the dock for a tour of the 2041, where all of the electrical equipment, from refrigerators to computers, is powered exclusively by the yacht’s two wind turbines and eight solar panels, and stove runs on alcohol rather than gas. flat panel leds(light emitting diodes) provide the light below deck. - sbindependent

2041 Peterman Island
Originally uploaded by divide & concur

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75,000 people

no..not the population of a city. the number of people who showed up to see barack obama speak.

sen. barack obama has seen his share of large crowds over the last 15 months, but his campaign said they have not approached the numbers gathered along the waterfront here right now.

the campaign, citing figures from duane bray, battalion chief of portland fire & rescue, estimated that 75,000 people are watching him speak. - wapo

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got milk?

police say a trailer loaded with 14 tons of double-stuffed oreos has overturned, spilling the cookies still in their plastic sleeves into the median and roadway.- ap

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

skippy's sunday nite music club

big joe turner - if you remember

big joe is da man! and here's he's live at the apollo from 1955...


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gold rush

at fire sale prices

interior department to hold alaska oil lease sale

the interior department said friday it is moving forward with an oil and gas lease sale covering nearly 4 million acres in alaska's national petroleum reserve.

the government says the lease area could hold 3 billion barrels of oil.

...the national petroleum reserve-alaska sits on federal land that is part of alaska's north slope, lying just west of the arctic national wildlife refuge.- ap

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environmental stories sunday

zones of death are spreading in oceans due to global warming. marine dead zones, where fish and other sea life can suffocate from lack of oxygen, are spreading across the world’s tropical oceans, a study has warned. - london times

dead water. too much nitrogen being washed into the sea is causing dead zones to spread alarmingly. - economist.

biotech companies rush to patent plant genes. biotech seed companies are behind a wave of patent claims on dozens of 'climate-ready' genes. - nature.

plans for new coal plants under fire. protesters are to launch one of the hardest-hitting environmental campaigns for more than a decade over plans to build a new generation of coal-fired power stations in the uk. london observer

inupiat sue to fend off danger of offshore oil. as mayor of alaska's wealthy north slope borough, edward itta is keenly attuned to the importance of oil, but his enthusiasm for the industry plummets when conversation shifts to offshore extraction. -ap.

chinese flee flood threat from quake. thousands of earthquake survivors fled tent camps and villages in sw china after the government warned that several lakes and rivers were getting dangerously close to overflowing because landslides have blocked water flow. the official death toll is now nearly 29,000. - new york times

water adds to worries in china's quake-hit sichuan. there is water everywhere in china's quake-ravaged sichuan province, where rain is hampering rescue efforts and reservoirs are pressing against weakened dams. but for some people there is not a drop to drink. - reuters.

effects of tce still a haunting mystery. a subterranean chemical plume -- thought to be latent under layers of dirt, asphalt and cement -- was found to be pushing toxic gases through the foundations of hundreds of buildings south of the ibm campus in the heart of the village. binghamton press & sun-bulletin

world’s poor pay price as crop research is cut. damage from the brown plant hopper, threatening the diets of many poor people and occurring at a time of scarcity and high prices, could have been prevented. researchers say budget cuts prevented them from doing so. - new york times.

one country’s table scraps, another country’s meal. americans waste an astounding amount of food — an estimated 27 percent of the food available for consumption, according to a government study. it works out to about a pound of food every day for every american. - new york times.

how secure is our food supply? the price of rice is rising. wheat is in short supply. bees are dying. what's next? vancouver sun

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

skippy's saturday nite music club

jane's addiction - been caught stealing


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lion of the senate

Lion of the Senate
Originally uploaded by Oscar H Matatquin

let's hope he roars some more...

senator edward m. kennedy was rushed to a hospital this morning in cape cod, where he was treated for a serious – but unknown – illness.

the boston globe reported that mr. kennedy had suffered stroke-like symptoms and was transported by helicopter to massachusetts general hospital in boston. the cape cod times published a photograph on its web site of mr. kennedy on a stretcher as it was being loaded onto a medical transport helicopter. - nytimes


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Friday, May 16, 2008

skippy's friday nite music club

devotchka - till the end of time

from little miss sunshine


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jesus wouldn't laugh

huckabee jokes about obama ducking a gunman

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the nonstraight talk express

for someone who claims to hate "earmarks", mcbush certain knows how to use them for friends financial gain.

sen. john mccain secured millions in federal funds for a land acquisition program that provided a windfall for an arizona developer whose executives were major campaign donors, public records show.

mccain, who has made fighting special-interest projects a centerpiece of his presidential campaign, inserted $14.3 million in a 2003 defense bill to buy land around luke air force base in a provision sought by suncor development, the largest of about 50 landowners near the base. suncor representatives, upset with a state law that restricted development around luke, met with mccain's staff to lobby for funding, according to john ogden, suncor's president at the time.

the air force later paid suncor $3 million for 122 acres near the base. it was the highest single land transaction of the private lots purchased by the government — three times the county's assessed value and twice the military's estimated value. suncor also donated another 122 acres. alan bunnell, a spokesman for suncor's parent company, pinnacle west capital, said the donation was meant to minimize the company's tax bill and enhance the value of adjacent property it owns. - ustoady
perhaps they should change the name of the company to suncor(ruption)

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

skippy's thursday nite music club

tine thing helseth - trumpet concerto, third movement by franz joseph haydn

she's pretty hot for a baroque trumpet player. but then again, she's scandanavian, from oslo, norway, winnger of the norwegian grammy in 2007 for "newcomer of the year"...


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mad about aWol

mad kane, that is!

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madam speaker

"we have a protocol, sort of a custom, informally around here that we don't criticize the president when he is on foreign soil. one would think that that would apply to the president that he would not criticize americans when he is on foreign soil."

"i think what the president said in that regard is beneath the dignity of the office of the president and unworthy of our representation at that observance in israel." - reuters
the dixie chicks should write a song about this.

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oh, sh**....

i mean sludge....

raking through sludge exposes a stink. a former us epa scientist is suing the agency's officials and researchers at the university of georgia in athens, alleging that they manufactured and published false data to support the use of potentially harmful sewage sludges as fertilizers.- nature.

stuck in the mud. the environmental protection agency must gather data on the toxicity of spreading sewage sludge. - nature

environmentalists battle burlington over human waste fertilizer. environmentalists and homeowners are protesting a request to use human and household waste to fertilize local farmland. - greensboro wfmy tv

treated sludge has prompted health concerns. scientists, neighbors and the courts continue to raise questions about whether treated sewage sludge is dangerous, even as the federal government continues to promote spreading it on farms. - macon telegraph

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the gop must stand for something

says karl in the wsj:

republicans received a hard shot in mississippi. greg davis (for whom I campaigned and who was a well-qualified candidate) narrowly lost a special congressional election in a district president george w. bush carried four years ago with 62% of the vote.
unapologetic deceitfulness appears to be the goal

With 99 percent of the precincts reporting, the vote was 54 percent for Mr. Childers to 46 percent for Mr. Davis (nyt).

unless, to be fair, when you're creating you're own reality, 8% is a narrow loss.
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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

skippy's wednesday nite music club

kimya dawson - loose lips

from the juno soundtrack, this video is a montage of stills from the film and various shots of stars ellen page and michael cera.


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neutral no more

edwards finally endorses...obama
edwards, who received a thunderous ovation when obama introduced him to a crowd of several thousand, said, "brothers and sisters, we must come together as democrats" to defeat mccain. "we are here tonight because the democratic voters have made their choice, and so have i." - ap

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and you wonder why they hate us

it isn't for our "freedoms"
the u.s. government has injected hundreds of foreigners it has deported with dangerous psychotropic drugs against their will to keep them sedated during the trip back to their home country, according to medical records, internal documents and interviews with people who have been drugged. - wapo

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to quote duncan, yet again....

us foreclosure filings surge 65 percent in april

....one in every 519 U.S. households received a foreclosure filing in april. foreclosure filings increased from a year earlier in all but eight states. - ap


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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

skippy's tuesday nite music club

the mcrackins - pollyanna

this is a promo video, and thus is black for about 25 seconds...but bil, fil and spot are worth the wait.


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"i'm not dead yet"

clinton beat obama's ass like a drum in w.va today, winning so much that we wonder if barack even had his name on the ballot. cnn:

"i am more determined than ever to carry on this campaign," she told supporters in charleston, west virginia.

"i am in this race because i believe i am the strongest candidate. ... i can lead this party to victory in the general election if you lead me to victory now."

with half of the results in, clinton was ahead of sen. barack obama by a margin of more than 2-1.
but the good news on this election night is that the dems have taken yet another seat from the repubbbs, and in the reddest of the red states. the hill:

democrat travis childers won tuesday’s mississippi special election runoff for sen. roger wicker’s (r) former house seat, handing democrats the biggest of their three special election takeovers this cycle and sending a listless gop further into a state of disarray.

childers led gop candidate greg davis 53-47 with more than 90 percent of precincts reporting. turnout increased substantially over the 67,000 voters who cast ballots in the april 22 open special election, with more than 100,000 voting in the runoff.

childers, who beat davis 49-46 three weeks ago but came up just shy of a race-ending majority, joins new democratic reps. bill foster (ill.) and don cazayoux (la.) to give democrats a trifecta of upsets in conservative house districts over the last two months.

the loss could send shockwaves through the republican party, where murmurs about a leadership shakeup have become more and more audible.
but to have a leadership shakeup, wouldn't you first have to have leadership?

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12,000 +

and climbing.

accepted level of earthquake risk in china 'too high'. the people of sichuan are now paying the price for living in buildings constructed to withstand an earthquake roughly one-fifth as powerful as the one that hit on monday. - new scientist

china crippled by loss of power, water, travel, life. monday's deadly earthquake occurred on a fault where south asia pushes against the eurasian landmass, smashing the sichuan plain into mountains leading to the tibetan highlands. - usa today.

a broad view of quake 'prediction'. uk and chinese geophysicists say they have a new approach to seismic monitoring that should allow forecasting of the time, size and sometimes the location of earthquakes. - nature.

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Monday, May 12, 2008

skippy's monday nite music club

charley patton - revenue man blues

charlie patton was the man who, if not the inventor of blues, then the guy who perfected thme. wikipedia tells us

patton (may 1, 1891 - april 28, 1934) is best known as an american delta blues musician. he is considered by many to be the "father of delta blues" and therefore one of the oldest known figures of american popular music. he is credited with creating an enduring body of american music and personally inspiring just about every delta blues man (palmer, 1995). robert palmer considers him among the most important musicians that america produced in the twentieth century. many sources, including musical releases, his gravestone,"[1] spell his name “charley” even though the musician himself spelled his name "charlie."


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easy to solve problem....

let's just not raise the price anymore...
mom-and-pop service stations are running into a problem as gasoline marches toward $4 a gallon: thousands of old-fashioned pumps can't register more than $3.99 on their spinning mechanical dials.

the pumps, throwbacks to a bygone era on the american road, are difficult and expensive to upgrade, and replacing them is often out of the question for station owners who are still just scraping by. - latte times

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no perfect 10 olympic score

but 7.8 is too big a score for an earthquake.
the chinese authorities have launched a major rescue operation in sichuan province, after it was struck by the most powerful earthquake to hit the south-west of the country in 30 years. more than 7,600 people are feared dead, while many thousands more may be buried beneath collapsed buildings or injured, state media have reported. - bbc
*update* the temblor has been upgraded to 7.9 the death toll nears 9,000.

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

unhappy mothers' day

how can we tell that awol loves gold star moms?

because he made so many of them with his brilliant strategery and statements.

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skippy's sunday nite music club

happy mothers day!

mothers of invention - dog breath


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Saturday, May 10, 2008

skippy's saturday nite music club

the raveonettes - candy

new pop/rock from denmark...


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when bloggers attack!

taylor marsh would like it to be known that, in spite of what sam stein might say, she had nothing to do with the current spate of emails to superdelegates warning of a mass defection to john mccain next novemeber:

dear sam stein and huffington post:

in no way have anything whatsoever to do with the narrative being pushed in sam stein's post over at huffington post. stop.

whatever my readers are doing is their business. i am in no way involved. stop.

ms marsh, i believe i may have been the sd emailer who got your name envolved (sic). i emailed last night using addresses on the blog. i wrote my email myself and receieved many snotty replies that stunned me. i stopped emailing but received a second email from sam stein (huffington). he asked if i was working with the clinton campaign to contact sd's. i was worried that if i did not answer it would reflect bad on hillary so i told him i was among lots of bloggers on taylor marsh and that we were doing the emails out of enthusiasm for hillary. i can send you all this by email if you want it. at any rate i am sorry if this effected your credibility, i didn't mean that, i just didn't want to hurt hillary. i thought i should tell you this so you can decide if you think i was the cause of this mess and so you could handle it as you think best. ... sincerely, shirley luther via email
mr. stein would have found this out if he'd bothered to contact me for comment, which he did not. obviously, his agenda was more important than reporting the full story, the facts and the truth. quite frankly, i had more respect for arianna than this and am saddened the huffington post has stooped to this level of nonsense.

that mr. stein contacted the clinton campaign for comment, but no one bothered to contact me is typical these days. it's further proof that many do not care what happens after the nominee is selected. never mind that sam's narrative and the huffington post blasting it, without the full story, will make everyone's job even harder and the possibility of coming together in any meaningful manner more difficult. it also infers quite a different role for me, which is in no way connected to my readers' goal.

but to be clear, as i've said in my latest posts on the subject, here and here, i'm not involved in any campaign to write or "threaten" superdelegates, or in pushing a vote for john mccain. sam stein seems not to care, which has brought an onslaught of angry emails to my inbox, which i'm used to, and never mind that same stein and huffington post totally misrepresent my part in it all by giving a false impression that i'm involved. again, i am not.
we take taylor at her word. tho we've not agreed w/her support of sen. clinton, we admire her passion and believe her trustworthiness.

we cannot see taylor being of the small-minded approach to email bombs, and knowing her to be a good democrat above all else, we doubt very seriously that she would even consider voting for mccain.

stein does add an update on his post stating that taylor insists she had no part in the mass emails. but he fails to apologize or retract.

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happy blogiversary

to rook's rant, for 5 great years!


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down the penrose lane


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Friday, May 09, 2008

skippy's friday nite music club

cookie jill sez, since reverends are in the news these days...

the reverend al green - raining in my heart


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just think....

the population of the earth is expected to pass 6,666,666,666 today.


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come to bermuda, avoid paying taxes!

cookie jill sends us this thinkprogress report that explains how pentagon contractors have avoided paying millions in taxes thru shell companies in the carribean islands:

the boston globe recently revealed that two defense department contractors operating in iraq — kbr and mpri — have avoided paying hundreds of millions of dollars in federal social security and medicare taxes by hiring its employees through “shell companies” based in bermuda and the cayman islands.

today, the ap reveals a third contractor assisting the u.s. military’s mission in iraq that is also dodging social security and medicare taxes. immediately after winning a dod contract worth more than $2 billion nearly ten years ago, combat support associates established csa ltd. in the cayman islands allowing it to avoid paying the taxes and evade scrutiny from the u.s. government:

the subsidiary, csa ltd., now employs about 2,000 american citizens in kuwait, where they support u.s. forces moving in and out of iraq. yet as a foreign corporation doing work outside the united states, csa ltd. does not pay social security and medicare taxes for these workers.
in fact, according to the ap, “company officials” have acknowledged their immunity from u.s. law, noting that csa ltd. “is outside the jurisdiction of u.s. courts, so federal labor rules and anti-discrimination laws don’t apply either.” indeed, the globe noted that because of such practices, “workers cannot receive unemployment compensation when their jobs end and may be deprived of other protections under us law.”

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we thought he liked touching it a bit too much

mediabloodhound reports that cnn's john king has moved in with his interactive election map:

john king, chief national correspondent for cnn, broke off his engagement to colleague dana bash thursday after revealing a months-long affair with his interactive election map.

wolf blitzer, lead anchor for the network's 2008 election coverage, said he'd grown increasingly uncomfortable with king's infatuation over his touchscreen sidekick. but blitzer claimed he didn't know until the pennsylvania primary that king and his "magic map" were counting more than votes.

"we were all very excited about pennsylvania. another big night for the best political team on television. but the truth is," explained blitzer, "viewers only saw john with his map on-camera. off-camera, he didn't leave her side. john didn't step away for refreshments the entire evening. not even for a skittle." blitzer, suddenly visibly upset, composed himself before adding, "later that night, long after pennsylvania had been called for clinton and most of us had already gone home, one of our producers brought a krispy kreme over to john. she found him with his pants around his ankles and his hand on florida. i won't get into what was resting on new jersey."
we thought the obvious state was ohio.

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lt. governator garamendi is singing

the delta blues.
if left unchecked, the rising sea levels caused by global climate change could leave stockton under water, california's lt. gov. john garamendi warned thursday in a talk to members of san joaquin county's legal community.

...in addition to capricious flooding and spells of drought driven by climate change, he said california laws have to account for things such as levees and how water is stored in natural aquifers that supply drinking water.

attorneys have a say in how the law is shaped when they take related cases, he said. he recommended a mind-set, drawing upon his experiences in the late 1960s with the u.s. peace corps in ethiopia. he recalled that tribes greeted each other asking, "how are the children?" - stocktonrecord.net

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howly australian shephard

Heart and Soul
Originally uploaded by Zenotri
blogging friday

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