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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

skippy's wednesday nite music club

shorty long - devil with the blue dress on

shorty's version is less rambunctious, and more funky than the mitch rider cover with which you are undoubtedly familiar.

shorty long was one of the original artists signed by motown, and in fact, was the only one besides smokey robinson who was allowed to produce his own recordings.

this was shorty's first of two hits, the other being "here come the judge," which inspired a whole running gag on rowan and martin's laugh-in.

we apologize for the lack of actual video; this youtube clip only shows the cover of shorty's album.


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this version (the original i think) is one of the signature tempos of motown. it harkens back to the kansas city stomp jazz roots of r&b.

sultrier, and to my thinking, wicked as it is, sexier. this tempo leaves dancers time to strut and do nasty nasty things.

yeah, i likes me that. the figures in the bass line lead me to a place of no surprise if it turned out to be willie dixon himself. the grace notes before each back beat were one of his signature licks.
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