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Monday, April 28, 2008

rip jose simon

one of skippy's dearest friends, jose simon, the founder of san francisco's comedy day, died last week at the age of 63. sfchron:

mr. simon and fellow comedian mike pritchard brought the idea of comedy day in 1980 to the chronicle, which agreed to sponsor what became an annual event drawing upward of 50,000 people to the park to hear dozens of comedians for free.

"i helped blow the wind into his sails, but it was totally his idea," recalled pritchard, who said he was thrown out of mr. simon's hospital room last week because they were laughing too hard. "it was because he didn't like the idea of a comedy competition. he liked the celebration."

mr. simon was also a founding member of the latin rock group sapo, formed by vocalist richard bean after he left malo. a sapo reunion is planned for may 23 at santa clara's avalon nightclub. mr. simon was practicing on bass for the reunion...

he played in bands up and down broadway, including a group called the four of a kind, which also featured future tower of power vocalist rick stevens and a founding member of santana, conga player michael carabello.
skippy himself played at comedy day several years. he also was in more than a few sf improv groups with jose during the jurassic period of comedy in the late 70's.

in the bay area, where local comedians are revered as gods, jose was revered as zeus.


and the chronicle goes on:

mr. simon also attended improvisational theater classes run by the committee, where he first met another aspiring comedian, robin williams.

"jose was a gift," williams said in a statement. "he was the chicano godfather of comedy. he will be missed."
jose was an inspiration to all the comics and improvisors of the early days.

he was generous of heart, and had impeccable taste and timing. the comedy world, and the bay area comedy scene in particular is a little less funny tonite.

godspeed, jose.

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Wow, sorry to hear that. He sounds like a helluva guy. Comedy Day is a fantastic tradition, one that I hope lives on for a looooong time.
commented by Blogger Batocchio, 9:36 AM PDT  
I'm sorry about your friend, skippy.
commented by Anonymous tata, 11:10 AM PDT  
sorry for your loss
commented by Blogger nunya, 1:21 PM PDT  

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