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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

maybe ohio should run for president

blue girl, red state, thinks mccain's pep-talk to out of work citizens of the rust-belt is a bit, well...self-involved:

john mccain chose to stand in front of a shuttered factory in ohio to tell voters to "reject protectionism" and then went on to draw parallels with the regions economic woes and his own electoral fortunes.

"a person learns along the way that if you hold on — if you don't quit no matter what the odds — sometimes life will surprise you," mccain said in a speech at youngstown state university after meeting the five remaining workers at fabart, a steel-fabricating factory that had more than 100 employees a few years ago…
apparently, he said this with a straight face. in youngstown, ohio. in front of a shuttered factory that used to support families and afforded college educations for the regions children and good-paying union jobs for the residents.

how churlish to make the false-equivalency he made - as if his personal experience with winning the republican nomination in a year when the republican brand is toxic is comparable to the economic malaise that free-trade has brought to the rust-belt.

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Sweet Jesus I hate that man, almost as much as I hate about what happened to where I grew up.

What happened to Youngstown is comparable, at least in my mind, to what happened to New Orleans when Katrina hit. Half the population fled and the economy utterly destroyed.
commented by Blogger Mark W Adams, 5:00 PM PDT  
McCain wrote off 58 grand because he's 100% disabled by the Navy.
commented by Blogger nunya, 5:46 PM PDT  

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