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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

it takes one to know one

rep. john murtha, himself no spring chicken, sez mclame is too old to be preznit. asspress:

murtha is 75, four years older than mccain. he says they are nearly the same age, and the rigors and stress of running the country is too much for guys their age.

"i've served with seven presidents," murtha told a union audience. "when they come in, they all make mistakes. they all get older."

"this one guy running is about as old as me," he said, drawing laughter and applause. "let me tell you something, it's no old man's job."

if elected, mccain would be the oldest man to become president at age 72. ronald reagan became president at age 69, but he served as president for eight years and was just a few weeks shy of his 78th birthday when he left office.
and just a few tacos shy of a combination plate.

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St. Ronnie's combination plate was all beans. That's OK he slept thru all the good parts so nobody could blame him for what was done under his watch.
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