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Sunday, April 27, 2008

environmental stories sunday

the future of dirt. an increasing number of scientists are starting to emphasize the extent to which soil — even more than petroleum or water or air — is a limited and fragile resource. - boston globe

water failing state's tests. people in 37 small communities across the state are drinking tap water that violates new health standards for radioactive contaminants, according to state records - denver post

jumbo squid invade waters off pacific coast. the jumbo squid now thought to be lurking off the pacific northwest coast could be a threat to salmon runs and a sign of ocean changes that are perhaps brought on by global warming. - wenatchee world

nuclear crossroads. in washington state, a 1-million-gallon plume of radioactive waste is seeping from hanford nuclear reserve toward the columbia river. meanwhile, doe's cleanup budget has plummeted for the fifth year in a row, dropping $1 billion in just the past three years. - high country news

u.s. report urges japan to forget its beef safety. the united states urged japan on friday to eliminate all controls on u.s. beef imports linked to the prevention of mad cow disease and to fully open its market despite renewed fears in japan about the safety of u.s. beef. - japan times

does global warming compromise national security? for senator john warner, climate change is a matter of national security. and his position has helped shift the political landscape in the senate. - time magazine

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"...How do we mobilize against Nature?"

You don't mobilize against it, you mobilize in defense of it.
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